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Selecting the best partner for pre-employment screening can be overwhelming but choosing from thousands of different choices is possible. It’s critical to pick the right screening partner because you’re creating the hiring process for your company, and your company is relying on the information you receive from your screening partner.

It’s essential you can trust you’re partnering with a company that’s professional and doesn’t cut corners. Priding itself on being a pacesetter in the employment screening services industry, CNet Technologies will provide you with the comprehensive vision necessary for selecting a screening partner.

Never compromise on these non-negotiables.

NAPBS Accredited (Company & Staff)

If you discover that the screening company is not an accredited member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), looking elsewhere is the recommendation. Companies holding accreditation in the NAPBS means they have confirmation as reputable vendors that conduct their businesses within industry standards, follow best industry practices, and stay up to date with trends in the industry.



Your company could experience legal difficulties by using a screening company that isn’t fully compliant with the FCRA on a Federal and state level. When screening companies aren’t compliant, and you fail to catch or remedy the situation before it reaches a potential hire, the result could be a lawsuit.

Best Practice

The NAPBS offers an FCRA Advanced Compliance Certificate that employees of a member screening company can earn.


Proper Insurance

It’s your responsibility to ask the screening providers what insurance they’re carrying, as well as its coverage. Reputable screening companies will provide a minimum of $1 million in general liability an errors and omissions insurance. However, larger screening companies should be carrying substantially more insurance. When pre-employment screening services have proper coverage, it’s a sign they commit to protecting your assets.


Experience & Capability

Experience is a necessary component that matters because it will show you the company not only has the knowledge compulsory to remain successful in the industry but also the abilities you desire.

When requesting a proposal or during the interview process, ask the following questions to help get a feel for how long the provider has been in business and what they can do for your company:

  • How long have you been operating? During this time, what is your level of customer retention?
  • Are you currently offering the non-negotiable services I need?
  • Are they asking you the proper questions? If they’re not asking intelligent questions regarding your business as a means of clarifying your in-depth needs, it could be a red-flag they’re seeking a quick sale, and your business’s needs aren’t the priority. Pay attention to determine if the questions they’re asking are best serving your company, and not meant to secure your business.


You’re investing when you’re hiring a company as your screening partner. Therefore, it’s vital that you choose a company that commits to providing the best level of service with very high accuracy. When you must make up for inaccurate results, it not only costs time and money, it could also lead to potential legal issues with prospective hires. Therefore, rather than being reactive, quality should always be proactive.

  • How are they conducting searches?
  • What are they doing to verify accuracy?
  • If they find inaccuracies in a report, what do they do with this information?
  • What is their quality control process?
  • What kind of databases do they use? Because online databases are not always reliable, it’s best to avoid screening providers who depend on them.


Under most circumstances, when you’re at a trade show, you’re asked, “what makes your company different?” Inevitably, screening providers will answer “service” because they know that is what businesses in search of a screening partner want to hear.

The unfortunate reality is that the only way for a company to determine if a screening provider has excellent service is by working with them. There is good news, however, and it’s possible to obtain a better picture of a company’s service standards. In doing so, you’ll have some data for backing up your decision. Look for:

  • Third-party verification: do they hold membership in an association that maintains high standards?
  • Surveys: can they produce customer survey results that they’re willing to share?
  • References: are they able to provide current and past references from other businesses?


When you ask for recommendations from a potential hire and check them, you should be asking and following up on them from your screening partner as well. Excellent pre-employment screening companies will have multiple references from which to choose. When calling about the provider, ask references about their experiences with them and, most importantly, the areas of service you have the most concerns regarding your business.


Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is vital in today’s market. You’ll find that losing a fantastic hire to a company with a better candidate experience can and will happen. Therefore, you must put yourself in your candidate’s shoes when asking vendors what they provide for candidate experiences. In this continuously evolving job market, it’s crucial for all providers to offer a process with streamlining through the use of technology.


Is the provider using a candidate portal? If so, is it user-friendly? What capabilities does it utilize? Does this portal meet your needs? Is it mobile-friendly?


According to a study conducted by HireRight in 2017, 85% of employers caught applicants being untruthful on their applications or resumes. These statistics are up 66% from five years ago. Because the job market is experiencing its lowest unemployment rate in a decade, employers can't help wondering why potential candidates feel the need to stretch the truth. The problem, though, is many companies are missing these errors because they’re not conducting background checks on these potential hires.


It Isn't Uncommon for Candidates to Lie on Applicant Forms and Resumes

If an applicant wants a job, they're going to say whatever they want to get their foot through the door. It isn't uncommon for them to exclude certain positions, or other vital information, in hopes employers will not discover it missing from their resume or application.


Common Misconceptions Regarding Pre-Employment Background Screening

In today's job market and with the increase of fraud relating to employment, as well as instances of forgery and crimes, concerns are rising regarding workplace safety. Therefore, more pre-screening background checks have been occurring. Even though it's of critical importance for the process of background screening to happen to maintain a successful business, misconceptions and myths are marring these activities. For example, misunderstandings like the following are occurring:

Candidates believe they're unable to dispute the findings in background screen reports.

If a candidate would like to dispute the findings in their background screening report, they're able to do so under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). Potential candidates must receive notification within three business days regarding these findings through Adverse Action.

The candidate's information will become available online.

It isn't uncommon for employers to believe they'll be able to find all the information they need by conducting an Internet search for their potential candidate. While there is a wealth of information available, using social media and online search could potentially become harmful to businesses. Under some circumstances, these searches could result in discrimination lawsuits.

Only large corporations use pre-employment background screening services.

There's a misconception by many small businesses that only large companies mandatorily utilize pre-employment background checks. The reality of the situation is, though, a small business stands to lose much more. Making a small investment for conducting a background check is better than risking thousands in damages.

The same information is available by all background check providers.

One of the most significant myths is that all background check providers provide the same information so that companies can select the one with the lowest fees. However, companies will find that even though FCRA guidelines are a requirement by all background screening providers, not all will follow them. Therefore, it's critical to ensure you're doing your due diligence.


When considering a pre-employment screening partner, in addition to the non-negotiables, here are some recommendations for qualities you should be looking at as well.


Smaller Screening Companies

Larger isn't always better regarding pre-employment screening providers. Under many circumstances, companies will find that smaller screening companies can perform as well or at a better level than their larger competitors. Are you wondering why? If their capabilities match your criteria, your company is less likely to become lost in the shuffle. As a result, you'll receive a better quality of service, as well as the ability to develop a lasting relationship with your vendor. Also, you'll have a single point of contact, and be an asset to that provider.



If you choose a vendor who uses technology that's under development by a company that owns their own platform, that's preferable than picking a provider using third-party technology. When providers don't have ownership of their technology, they're unable to have the flexibility necessary to make changes, customizations to reports, create unique workflows, or integrate with legacy systems as essential to better serve their clients.



While price does pose as a deciding factor for many companies, you shouldn't be making it your primary concern. Also, avoid using providers that feature discounts only available by locking you into a contract. A company that doesn't rely on a contract is continually going to provide you with better customer service because they earn your business every day. Throughout your search for a screening partner, your primary focus should be on ensuring you have a definition of the proper scope of work in place and use that along with your non-negotiable criteria to determine your best value for services. Once you define your needs and narrow your search, you can evaluate the vendor price range that's affordable without sacrificing quality.

Final Thoughts

When companies partner with the best pre-employment background check service provider, it will help them become more successful. In doing so, this could lead to an increase in productivity and profits. These background checks can also reduce the potential for fraud, the high cost of turnover, training, developing new candidates, and benefits that go to waste. Pre-screening potential candidates help employers pick employees who have better attitudes, work habits, practices, and policies. Ultimately, partnering with a provider will enhance positions in the workplace, as well as professionalism.

Did you find this information helpful? You can download The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Best Pre-Employment Screening Service here. We have packaged the content of this page in an easily downloadable PDF complete with a checklist you can use when interviewing screening partners.