Today’s extended workforce makes up nearly 25% of the entire employee population. With so many contractors, consultants, and temporary employees representing your company, how can you verify that each individual meets your high company standards?

We know that maintaining a large extended workforce requires out of the box thinking and design. That is why we customize each solution according to what you know you need. By sharing with us what background and compliance issues are essential to your company’s continued success, we will create a customized platform that best suits your pre-hire demands.

Our automated systems organizes all the relevant documentation for you so that you do not spend endless hours in pools of confusing legal jargon. Simply select the features to run on an individual and check back later for accurate and timely results.

Your easy to use CNet solution can also keep you up to date on vendor levels with the help of our professional on-site teams who carry out routine compliance audits. C-Track will notify you of any changes to any vendor specific documentation or changes to industry policies you must be aware of.

C-Track is an integrated solution, which means that your whole pre-employment screening program can work with previously existing systems and managed from a single platform. And remember, we customize to your specific needs, so only the variables that your company requires will appear on the dashboard. Your needs are unique to your business, so C-Track is flexible and can be adjusted as you see fit.

Ensuring compliance is especially difficult when working with several contractors at once. CNet offers you a streamlined solution to strengthen your business reputation and ensure that your business objectives are realized because we view your success is ours as well.