Companies working in the global market are often faced with a number of pre-employment verification and compliance issues, ranging from country-specific legislation regarding the release of consumer information to the ability to communicate in the local dialect. Recruiting from a global base is your company’s prerogative and just because it is more complicated does not mean it cannot get done. CNet has the technology, the expertise, and the global network connections to turn your global candidate’s elaborate verification process into a simple routine task.

CNet relies on global networks in more than 200 countries to keep us up to date on industry specific compliance regulations and we coordinate with providers and staff practiced in the local customs in order to avoid any misunderstandings. We take on the whole pre-employment process. Contracts and other legal documents can be written in the local language and submitted according to country-specific legislation.

Our software, C-Track, was developed with the notion that local companies will occasionally hire from abroad and is therefore optimized for localization. All the information received from global companies will receive the same protection as information gathered from within the US and all the relevant results can be viewed from your customized web-based platform.

Our local knowledge and networks allows us to quickly return results on requests for identity and past employment verification, drug screening results, and other standard verification requests, such as:

  • Criminal history searches
  • Credentials
  • Financial and credit history
  • Driving records
  • Due diligence
  • Legal and other types of prohibitions

Gaining access to consumer information abroad is a time consuming process. When you consider all the forms of documentation most companies require in the hiring process, getting a reliable and full picture of a global candidate could take months. Our technology, combined with local men in the field, grants you a quicker turnover rate with the extra bonus of guaranteed compliance.

Your company can rely on our multilingual staff versed in regional verification procedures 24 hours a day.