Your company is established and reputable. You have a national or an international presence and likely employ hundreds or even thousands of employees. Your HR staff is spread across different locations and you need a centralized system to keep your documentation organized and accessible from all locations.

Large businesses can’t employ cookie cutter solutions; you need an individualized, scalable, and integrated system to solve your company-specific problems. You are ready to make a financial commitment and you expect immediate and intimate care.

CNet’s web-based management tools lighten the load by automating the employment documentation process by providing all background screening and related activity in one centralized, web-based location where responsible parties are granted access from any internet connection. The information presented is accurate, real-time, and Federal and State compliant. Rather than having a separate piece of documentation for each task, C-Track consolidates all the information and presents it on an easy to use platform.

Users will have real time access to the following information:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Civil record checks
  • Drug screening results
  • Previous employment verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Social security tracing
  • Credit checks
  • Terrorist watch list
  • I-9 verification
  • Media searches

Users will be able to track:

  • Their compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act.
  • Vendor and contractor’s compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act.
  • Any updates to a vendor’s profile.
  • Any updates for industry specific compliance regulations.

CNet’s customer service team is seasoned in every aspect of the pre-employment screening process. For over 10 years we have customized management tools for companies of every size and have helped new users to understand the implications of the data received.

We look forward to being your pre-employment solutions partner as you grow in the future.