As your company grows, so will your employment program. And medium sized business know that growing often means endless paperwork and new compliance issues. We know that you will need a tool to handle the increasing document load and we’re one step ahead of you!

CNet automates the entire employment process from a simple to use online platform.

Our integrated, web-based, and automated tools submit and receive highly sensitive consumer information and organizes it onto an easy to use, easy to view platform. The information acquired is secured with a 128 bit secure SSL encrypted technology and by simply logging in, the responsible party can view background checks, drug screening requests, and any other results online at any time.

If your company is like most, then your HR department is responsible for ensuring that Federal and State required documentation is valid and submitted on time. With each employee comes another set of documentation. If your company is nationwide, then varying state laws must also be considered.

C-Track was designed to consolidate the processes that would otherwise be received and submitted individually. Since the whole process is online all the time, you have complete control of what information you request and absolute visibility into the entire process.

Implementing CNet’s automated tracking system will assist your company in:

  • Implementing a centralized policy, even if your organization is decentralized.
  • Dissemination of decisional data to approved personnel only.
  • Setting up complex corporate structures.
  • Receiving instant, real time notifications regarding your hire or your specific industry.
  • Implementing a complete document management system.
  • Managing FCRA compliance.

No two companies are the same. That is why C-Track is customizable to your particular business concerns. Our dedicated staff are here to assist you in understanding which features will most benefit your needs and, as an added bonus, our staff will also help you to understand the implications of the complicated data you receive.

Working with CNet means working with dedicated and knowledgeable personnel ready to assist you in all facets. Please feel free to contact us anytime.