You’re a small business with a limited budget. You only hire a few times a year, but those hires must be of quality. After all, a company is only as valuable as its workforce.

We get it. Our pre-employment tools for small businesses are tailored to your specific needs.

Many small companies face the same challenge: you employ a single individual to handle all the recruitment and hiring of employees. This one individual is responsible for ensuring that all Federal and State employment documentations are complete and, as such, might spend precious time tracking down driver’s licenses, social security numbers, etc. Depending on a single individual to guarantee compliance likely results in confusion and disorganization.

Why not just leave it to us? Our proprietary technology C-Track is an automated tool that carries out and condenses the kinds of screening routines usually carried out separately and manually and organizes them according to employee or vendor. Our platform is designed to be customizable to your own individual businesses objectives, so if you only require the basic background search information, like social security number verification and criminal history, we can set up the platform to output these searches only. The best part about CNet is that we are flexible. We will work with your HR manager on a personal level and make any adjustments to your CNet management system as you see fit.

The benefits of C-Track are numerous. With C-Track, you can:

  • Execute a pre-employment screening program that will reduce the risk of negligent hiring and improve workforce productivity by controlling absenteeism and high turnover rates.
  • Keep compliant in legal and industry standards while still maintaining consumer information security.
  • Maintain a fit and safe workplace by implementing drug screening procedures in accordance with Federal regulations.

Due to limited personnel and resources, small businesses are typically more limited in their budget, yet for the same reason require quick turnarounds and quality reports. CNet understands this. We have a trained and dedicated staff happy to guide you through the process and to help you to understand the features your company may or may not need, now and in the future.

We are available every step of the way, including help in understanding the provided data. All this, and more, is available to your staff while remaining within your company’s budget.