It is indeed a privilege to lead this company. I have the pleasure of working with truly remarkable people and I am proud of their dedication to our customers and their desire to be part of something great.

Therefore, I am compelled to speak to you from the heart. It is important that our clients and prospective clients know what drives me and how I view my responsibilities to our employees, clients and community. The reason I want to share this with you is because companies are no different from individuals. A company is composed of individuals, organized into teams, and they are led by a select few. Those leaders set the rules for policies, expectations, and goals for the entire organization. Therefore who they are, what they value, and their expectation for success are the natural foundations that define the company as a whole.

We support values and principles based on faith in Jesus Christ. While our employees are not required to be Christians or even believe in God to be employed at CNet, our company’s strength comes from individuals who possess the types of qualities described in our value statement below.

CNet’s Value Statement

It is our belief that everything we have we receive from God. In that respect we will cherish our customers and our company and work tirelessly to ensure our work is done with absolute integrity. We will put service of others before ourselves, complete our work before our customer expects it to be done, ensure quality before profit and be honest above reproach.

While mission statements are important, our values are what make us who we are and our values are what drive us to be outstanding in everything we do. No one is without flaw and therefore mistakes will be made, no company or individual can claim different. But it is how such challenges are met and what improvements are done that defines the character of a company or individual.

We are not satisfied with being good; exceptional is what we expect of ourselves. Our processes, driven by our technology and people, help us to meet that goal. We have good competitors in our space and we know we have to continuously earn your business by delivering on our promises.

In your search for a solutions provider, I hope you will give CNet the opportunity to help you and your organization reach their goals.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about CNet and the people behind it. I wish you the best in your endeavors both professionally and personally, and hope that our company can serve you.

God Bless,
Kevin Heath
CEO | CNet Technologies