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Background Screening in the News

Let’s take a look at recent newsworthy articles that have affected the human resources landscape in the last several months.

Rolling Background Checks

Many reports have circulated recently about companies moving toward a system of rolling checkups on their employees. It’s impossible to know how many companies are switching to a system of constant monitoring of their employees, but we know that the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NABPS) has seen a notable uptick in growth in recent years.

We have seen evidence that Uber, a company that has fought for its questionable in-house background screening practices, has apparently modified those practices to a continuous monitoring system. The fact that we know about it is an indication that Uber should perhaps hire an outside HR contractor, but it is emblematic of a recent trend towards rolling background checks.

Many companies have stated that they are adopting a procedure to make periodic checks of their employees, including Hartsfield-Jackson airport and the Chicago public school system.

Fake Schools

Hey, the candidate has a diploma, that’s good enough. Right?

Wrong. In February of 2017, the Federal Trade Commission settled for a combined $19.1 million with Capitol Network Distance Learning Programs and Stepping Stonez Development, LLC for selling diplomas to their customers without any accreditation.

In this case, the criminal institutions were uncovered by employers doing proper due diligence. Many employers screened these individuals, only to find that the degree-granting institutions were entirely fictional. Enough complaints brought the FTC to action, and these organizations paid the cost.

The moral of this story is to perform a thorough education check on potential hires. You certainly don’t want someone with a false degree under your employ.

Tightening the Screening Process

We revisit Uber here, if only briefly. Having seen the problems inherent in its hiring practice the company has pledged to tighten its screening for potential drivers.

This sort of ramp-up screening procedure is becoming the norm. Particularly in today’s culture, more light is being shed on infractions that previously went unreported or uninvestigated. In response, it is necessary for organizations to modify their hiring practices to protect themselves from the costly legal action that may arise from a bad hire.

As our society grows more and more aware and more and more litigious, it is vital to protect your business’s interests. We highly recommend employing the services of a background screening professional to help you navigate the ever-tricky path to a happy hire. The failure to do so can be far too costly to ignore. Here at CNet Technologies, we have the tools and the people to help you avoid a hire that might cost you dearly.

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