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Can Temporary Hires Positively Impact Your Company?

True or False: Temporary hires don’t work as hard as full-time employees.


Joe Broschak, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Illinois, said regarding a temp worker study: “On average…temporary workers displayed better performance relative to goals compared to their full-time counterparts.” Furthermore, it was found that those with full-time potential don’t start to slack the moment they are hired on permanently either—their work ethic improved instead.

Overall, many companies that employ a temp-to-hire process find the strategy successful! If you’re on the fence, here are some pros and cons that may help guide your decision. No matter how the hiring is done, partnering with a third-party screening company will be in your best interest when you decide to bring any hire in full-time.

The Many Benefits of Temporary Hires

The following positives cover a small but no less important selection of reasons why temp-to-hire strategy might impact your company for the better:

1. Avoiding Wasted Time and Money on “Bad Hires”

This is the most significant advantage of using temp-to-hire. Hiring in any situation can be difficult, but it’s especially stressful when your company finds itself in a bind. Such moments of pressure are typically when some of the worst hiring decisions are made. Many states are “right to work” states, meaning you can fire someone without cause—but to spend countless hours going through applications, interviews, and training only to find out someone is a bad fit can be daunting. With a temp-to-hire system, you typically work with an agency that matches the skill sets you require with one of their workers, and if it doesn’t work out, then your investment at the outset was minimal.

2. Building Working Relationships with Temp Agencies

Using a temp-to-hire strategy often means teaming up with a temp agency. No longer about just finding clerks and office assistants, such agencies help connect your company with workers across a multitude of skill types and levels. Need a computer engineer or a biologist to work with samples in a lab? A temp agency can connect you to the professionals you need. Working with a temp agency takes the pressure off of your staff as well: rather than fielding multiple applications, all that’s left to make decisions on a select group of candidates is the final interview.

Working with a temp agency is also useful when you suddenly find yourself short on hands; the agency will make the turnover time much quicker, and you can rely on whomever they send to be qualified for the position in question.

3. Employees Have the Chance to “Test-Drive” Your Company

Considering the employee’s perspective, a temp-to-hire position can be an excellent opportunity for them to gain experience and see if the job offered is a good fit for them. Let’s face it: it’s difficult to tell how a job is going to work out, no matter how similar your previous work history is. The flexibility of temp-to-hire can work out for the employer and employee as they each figure out if they want a permanent position.

An added bonus with temp-to-hire positions is that you’re free to allow a contract to end—no firing necessary. If all goes well, but it’s just not the right time or the best fit for your company, you and the temp hire can part ways on good terms.

Consider the Negatives as Well

The disadvantages of temp-to-hire are all too apparent: being a temporary worker can be difficult for the worker and your staff. You’ll still end up spending a lot of time training and on-boarding individuals who may not be here in another six months, so consider the following carefully.

1. Workers with One Foot out of the Door

Freedom of flexibility (despite Broschak’s findings) is stressful for the temporary employee. If the worker feels like they won’t be brought on full time—whether that’s true or not—it can be tough to continue working well, leading to apathy in the workplace. Long term, this can negatively impact not only their performance but the company’s culture as well.

2. A Stressed-Out Staff Leads to Disrespectful Culture

We’re not saying that your staff members will automatically treat a temp-to-hire employee differently, but the possibility does exist—especially if they’re mimicking a manager’s attitude. Having temporary workers can be disruptive to the lives of your employees as they get used to a new person on their team. If the process ends up needing to be repeated multiple times before the right hire is found, the constant turnover will take its toll. Permanent workers may start to disconnect and view temporary employees negatively.

3. Saving Money, Wasting Time

Though you’re not on the hook for the temporary worker’s benefits, that person can still be a drain on your resources if they’re a poor fit for your company. With a solid temp-to-hire strategy, you end up training each worker as you would any permanent employee. While this allows the hire to feel like a successful part of the team, it becomes a drain on your company to continue to train and retrain if the process is repeated multiple times.

Correctly Combating Any Potential Negatives

Most of these cons can be overcome by shaking up the work culture at your company! If you choose to work with a temp-to-hire system, you need to ensure that the temporary employee is treated with the same respect as full-time workers. Without encouragement and stability, a temporary worker will feel unwelcome or unwanted, leading to apathy and frustration for both parties.

If you make sure to give appropriate praise and treat them as equal members of the team, the temporary worker will feel much more fulfilled in their role no matter the outcome. You’ll also receive higher quality work and have a clearer picture if they’re the right fit for your company. Remember: a temporary hire is still a working professional!

Taking the Next Step: Hiring on Full-Time

Using a temp-to-hire strategy for filling positions can be a great way to make sure a person is compatible with your company with less strain on your finances, but constant turnover can be stressful to your permanent staff. CNet Technologies understands that any hiring process needs a sound system of employee background checks and screening, which we can provide at any stage. If you’re looking to hire the best employees—whether permanently or for just a short period—let us help you find the best fit, the first time!

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