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Can Your Background Check Process Improve Onboarding?

Kronos Incorporated has thought a lot about onboarding. They have also researched, polled numerous HR professionals, and interpreted the results. To say that their findings are surprising is likely an understatement. According to their study with Human Capital Institute, 60 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that their primary goal was to integrate people into the corporate culture, while only 30% of their onboarding focus was on the people or the culture.

According to a study they did with Future Workplace, 87% of HR managers consider employee retention a priority. The folks at BambooHR also think about these things, and they determined that 31% of employees surveyed have abandoned a job within the first six months, more than 2/3 of those did so in the first three months.

All of this research tells us that the employee onboarding process is vital to employee retention, but companies still aren’t doing it right.

It isn’t easy. There are tons of moving parts in the hiring and onboarding processes. However, we can all agree that onboarding the right employees the right way is of paramount importance, and proper background screening is part of good onboarding.

If you would like to improve employee retention, but you are relying on an unresponsive screening partner, you are wasting your time.

The benefits of hiring a professional to screen potential hires are plentiful and real. However, what do they mean for your onboarding process?

Firstly, you get the right employees. They have been thoroughly vetted in a much shorter time span than your HR department could have managed, and more reliably. They aren’t criminals, they have the educational background they reported, and their certifications and licenses are in line. You know they can do the job because you have verified that they can.

This leads us to the impediment to most successful onboarding efforts: they aren’t an introduction; they are training. Based on the studies above, onboarding should be a warm hug for your new hires. Whatever they need to learn, they can learn after their welcome.

Your current onboarding plan doesn’t allow for this? Free up your HR department to maximize your onboarding program! How much time is currently being wasted with your HR team chasing down resume details or following up with an unresponsive screening company?

Make the plunge, outsource your screening to professionals who know your business and your needs, and let HR focus on retention. The incoming hires will be better, their learning curve will be shorter, and you can focus on welcoming your great new employee in a fashion that makes them want to continue to be your new employee.

At CNet, we provide a better pre-employment screening service because we build a relationship with you. We get to know your company, your team, and your needs so we can provide the highest level of customer service. If you are ready for a personalized solution to your pre-employment screening needs, give us a call today.

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