CTrack Software Streamlines Background Screening

Employers know that time is money—and this is especially true in the realm of hiring. If the candidates you are evaluating have other potential offers, getting an offer into the hands of your top choice quickly is ideal. The need for speed combined with accuracy is one of a wide variety of reasons why using CNet’s CTrack […]

Don’t Be Afraid—Background Screenings Can Protect Your Business!

This Halloween season, there’s more than just ghosts and ghouls to frighten us. Human Resources seems perpetually haunted by the specter of liability and the fear of high employee turnover! In all seriousness, employment is a tricky business. Doing your due diligence at the beginning of the hiring process can make it much easier not to be startled (Boo!). This […]

Why CTrack Is the Best Solution to Keep Your Company Compliant

When screening potential new employees or vendor partners, you need a central place to keep track of everyone–whether you partner with them or not. You also need a secure solution to monitor and protect private data and sensitive documents. You could use encrypted hard drives or paper files in a locked file cabinet, but with […]

Integrating Your ATS and Pre-Employment Screening

Here’s some tough love.  I know that your company is fantastic.  I’m sure that most candidates would be lucky to work for you.  However, these candidates have no idea.  There is a strong possibility that, at least at first blush, you weren’t one of their dream companies.  Are you on Fortune’s list of the best […]

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