Five Keys to Successful Background Screening: A Guide for HR Leaders

Hiring top talent is getting harder. Ensuring that your stellar candidate is everything they claim to be is getting even more complex as new technologies like AI make falsifying data easier than ever.  Studies say that on average, 53% of candidates will lie on their resume during the hiring process. What’s more, 70% of current […]

What Info Do You Need for Accurate, FCRA Compliant Background Checks? | CNet Technologies

Running a background check on an employee, job applicant, or tenant can seem like an overwhelming task to take on by yourself. Even with the online resources available, checking someone’s background on your own can be challenging, which is why companies like CNet Technology offer accurate, FCRA compliant background checks that take the burden of responsibility off […]

Your Leadership Team: A Liability? Use FCRA Compliant Background Checks | CNet Technologies

There are few things more important in business than quality leadership. Those who hold leadership positions in your company must be enthusiastic, creative, passionate, and able to inspire those who work under them. They must have the experience to make good decisions and generate good ideas. Above all, they must be trustworthy. When it comes […]

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

When you are planning to hire an employee—and want to know how long it might take to receive background check results—it only makes sense to explore the possible timeline for a background screening. The truth is that the different levels of the background check process may require widely varying amounts of time. Depending on how […]

Do Third-Party Background Checks Include Juvenile Records? HR Questions Answered

Teenagers can make some pretty consequential mistakes. However, part of the point of juvenile records is that our society believes youth can learn and change their ways after experiencing a juvenile conviction. Due to this structure, there are ways in which juvenile records may not appear on background checks. A Gap in Information The first […]

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