‘Should I Use an Online Standard Background Check?’ | CNet Technologies

Using a background check during the hiring process has become more common than ever—and with good reason. You need to hire someone who will be an asset—not a liability—and a thorough background check is one of the ways you can determine who you’re really hiring. That said, not every online standard background check can boast the same quality and […]

Understanding Education Verification in Texas | CNet Technologies

In the past, there may have been contexts in which employers took on good faith that an individual had the educational credentials that they claimed on their resumes. Before the rise of the internet, many jobs relied on a combination of on-the-job training and any form of background education. Modern employment, as it stands now, […]

CTrack Software Streamlines Background Screening

Employers know that time is money—and this is especially true in the realm of hiring. If the candidates you are evaluating have other potential offers, getting an offer into the hands of your top choice quickly is ideal. The need for speed combined with accuracy is one of a wide variety of reasons why using CNet’s CTrack […]

Online Background Checks: What Are the Benefits for Your HR Department?

Ordering online background checks has not only made the screening process faster but more straightforward and cost-effective. The prevalence of online public records databases also makes the process of checking background information more accessible than ever before! That being said, the overall amount of information you get from a background check online has risen to match the rate of availability. Meticulous, […]

FCRA Disclosure and Authorization Requirements: What HR Needs to Know

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) may have been enacted almost fifty years ago, but making sure that your hiring practices are compliant with FCRA regulations is a continual journey. The FCRA protects consumers from having their data shared wantonly—as well as helping them to give permission only to those they authorize to use their data. The act […]

Make the Background Check Process Faster for Your HR Department

No hiring manager or HR department is ever happy when your third-party background checks take longer than expected. After all, there is plenty of work to be done—or hiring for that position wouldn’t be a priority. Some third-party background checks indeed take some time to go through—especially if they deal with multiple databases or extensive searches. That being said, […]

How Long Is a Background Check Good For? Your HR Questions Answered

One of the most common questions we get at CNet Technologies is the query, “How long is a background check good for?” This kind of question makes third-party background checks seem more like a consumable than their actual purpose, but it gives us a chance to shed some light on the nature of third-party background checks. Unfortunately—or maybe fortunately— third-party background checks aren’t […]

Will a Fingerprint Background Check Really Help in the Hiring Process?

Anyone with a common first and last name has probably run into an issue somewhere along the line with name-based background checks. Even within the context of where a person grew up or spent time, there is a possibility of, say, multiple “John Smiths” in Houston, Texas. It only makes sense that people want to […]

Why Background Screening Should Be Customized to the Needs of Your Business

When you start thinking about creating a background check program within your company, you will quickly see how much work it is to do personal verifications and checks yourself. One of the reasons why CNet Technologies offers so many options for customized background screening services is that we know that the needs of each company are not “one size […]

How Photo IDs Provide an Additional Level of Security for Your Company

No one likes to envision negative risks affecting their business—but one of the best ways to avoid a security breach is to prevent them proactively. Creating common-sense security measures in your company and making them the norm helps your employees feel secure and productive, knowing that their work and their physical bodies are safe. Read on to learn more about how photo […]

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