Five Keys to Successful Background Screening: A Guide for HR Leaders

Hiring top talent is getting harder. Ensuring that your stellar candidate is everything they claim to be is getting even more complex as new technologies like AI make falsifying data easier than ever.  Studies say that on average, 53% of candidates will lie on their resume during the hiring process. What’s more, 70% of current […]

Your Leadership Team: A Liability? Use FCRA Compliant Background Checks | CNet Technologies

There are few things more important in business than quality leadership. Those who hold leadership positions in your company must be enthusiastic, creative, passionate, and able to inspire those who work under them. They must have the experience to make good decisions and generate good ideas. Above all, they must be trustworthy. When it comes […]

How Background Screeners Perform a Background Check | CNet Technologies

If you’re planning a new hire, it makes sense to learn everything you can about your potential employee before you make a firm decision. You need to know that you’re hiring the best person for the job—and the professional background screeners at CNet Technologies are here to help. We often get asked, “How does a background check work? What information […]

Finding the Best Texas Background Screeners | CNet Technologies

When you’re running a small business, it’s essential that every hire be a great hire. That’s one of the reasons why choosing a company to perform a background check can be almost as overwhelming as the hiring process itself! How do you know the company you’re working with is competent and dependable? How do you […]

‘Should I Use an Online Standard Background Check?’ | CNet Technologies

Using a background check during the hiring process has become more common than ever—and with good reason. You need to hire someone who will be an asset—not a liability—and a thorough background check is one of the ways you can determine who you’re really hiring. That said, not every online standard background check can boast the same quality and […]

Do You Need an Employee Handbook for Your Company?

As your company grows and hires new employees into various roles, you’ll begin to see the possibility of inconsistency in your policies. Perhaps when you only have one or two employees, it is possible to manage many rules on a case-by-case basis. However, as you expand and grow, you are likely to encounter situations where you […]

Why Your Start-Up Company Needs to Invest in Thorough, Ethical Background Checks

Many of us have our image of what a typical startup founder is like: self-funding or crowd-funding their idea and bootstrapping like crazy to get their vision off the ground. Perhaps you are a computer software application developer, or you have an idea for an eCommerce store that could be the next big thing. Regardless […]

HR Managers: New Court Rulings in Texas May Affect How—and Who—You Hire

The United States is in a bit of a “background check limbo” due to recent changes in how criminal background checks can affect the choice to hire—or not hire—new employees. This waiting zone is due to current legislation from August 2019, which created some ambiguity going forward about what the actual responsibilities of employers are around […]

About Pre-Employment Screening for Temps and Contractors

Sometimes it is just easier and more cost-efficient to hire a temp.  If you have work that must be done now and doesn’t involve sensitive knowledge, a temp may be the right decision.  That said, your business is your home. You do not invite strangers into your familial home, so why would you want to do […]

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