What Info Do You Need for Accurate, FCRA Compliant Background Checks? | CNet Technologies

Running a background check on an employee, job applicant, or tenant can seem like an overwhelming task to take on by yourself. Even with the online resources available, checking someone’s background on your own can be challenging, which is why companies like CNet Technology offer accurate, FCRA compliant background checks that take the burden of responsibility off […]

Your Leadership Team: A Liability? Use FCRA Compliant Background Checks | CNet Technologies

There are few things more important in business than quality leadership. Those who hold leadership positions in your company must be enthusiastic, creative, passionate, and able to inspire those who work under them. They must have the experience to make good decisions and generate good ideas. Above all, they must be trustworthy. When it comes […]

‘Should I Use an Online Standard Background Check?’ | CNet Technologies

Using a background check during the hiring process has become more common than ever—and with good reason. You need to hire someone who will be an asset—not a liability—and a thorough background check is one of the ways you can determine who you’re really hiring. That said, not every online standard background check can boast the same quality and […]

Every Successful Human Resource Manager Uses These 4 Tips!

As a Human Resource Manager for your company, you work with the “data of people”—but are you giving yourself the chance to focus on the individuals behind the numbers? The following tips will help you concentrate on seeing the big picture, engaging with employees, and humanizing your hiring practices. Ultimately, the most successful HR Managers know […]

Marijuana Legalization May Cease the Need for Testing

Welcome back to Background Screening in the News! For our June edition, we’ve decided to focus on drug screening; specifically screening for marijuana. As multiple states legalize this drug, HR Managers and business owners alike are asking: should drug screening practices be changed? Should marijuana be taken off the list of tested drugs? What regulations should […]

The Risks of Social Media Background Screening

Background screening is an expectation of anyone who is looking for employment.  You know that part of your hiring or onboarding process will include your signature on multiple forms which allow your employer to dig around in your recorded history for any red flags.  Potential employees sign away blithely because 1) almost every company is doing […]

How to Use Motor Vehicle Reports for Pre-Employment Screening

If you hire employees to operate company vehicles, you want to be as certain as possible that your incoming hires are safe and responsible behind the wheel.  While there are methods of verifying employee driving records that may help the employer save money, they aren’t necessarily legal.  Cutting corners on motor vehicle reports for employment […]

The FCRA Advanced Certificate: A Primer

There are a host of background screening companies out there for you to choose from. Some have various credentials or accolades, like the FCRA Advanced Certificate. Others don’t.  It’s a forest of choices that make it very difficult to pick an individual tree.  If you are in the market for a partner to help you […]

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