Do You Need an Employee Handbook for Your Company?

As your company grows and hires new employees into various roles, you’ll begin to see the possibility of inconsistency in your policies. Perhaps when you only have one or two employees, it is possible to manage many rules on a case-by-case basis. However, as you expand and grow, you are likely to encounter situations where you […]

Why Swab Drug Testing Is a Great Complement to Urinalysis for Your Job Candidates

The most common drug testing method—and the one most people consider the standard in the United States—is urine drug testing. It is considered hard to fake, and it finds a wide variety of drugs that could be present in a potential employee’s body. Due to widespread use (90% of pre-employment screening cases), many companies don’t consider the […]

What Is Hair Follicle Drug Testing? How Can It Support Your Hiring Practices?

Urine drug tests are considered the gold standard of drug tests in the United States, and for federally-mandated drug tests, they are the only approved option. They are minimally invasive and hard to fake, but they do come with some drawbacks. Occasionally, the information they offer is unclear, and abstaining from drugs for a certain amount of time […]

Understanding Drug Tests and CBD Oil: A Guide for Human Resources

The trend of trying CBD oil is growing in almost all parts of the United States; while there are certainly still restrictions on the use of this product in many states, this low-THC product from hemp is growing in popularity and availability. CBD is a substance called cannabidiol, which shows up in the cannabis plant. […]

Get to Know Texas Drug Testing: Common Drug Testing Questions Answered!

Some states in the United States have adopted fairly strict regulations around which employers can or cannot use drug tests. However, the Lone Star State has its own set of standards when it comes to drug testing. Common drug testing questions are answered here about Texas drug testing, in particular. This is designed to help employers make […]

How Changes in the Labor Industry Are Shaking up Human Resources and Hiring

Varying trends in employment continue to evolve within the United States rapidly. Lower levels of unemployment, outsourcing of work to other countries, and steadily increasing social acceptability of marijuana use lead to background screening and drug tests making headlines! Today we’re going to discuss recent developments in the world of third-party testing that delineate these […]

The Changing Landscape of Drug Testing—and How Employers Can Adapt

When you look at your workforce, what do you see? Pretend you’re a time traveler from only as far back as the 1950s, when “customer service” began to boom; you may not even understand how the people you see (or don’t see) work with each other to get the job done! The digital age has […]

Marijuana Legalization May Cease the Need for Testing

Welcome back to Background Screening in the News! For our June edition, we’ve decided to focus on drug screening; specifically screening for marijuana. As multiple states legalize this drug, HR Managers and business owners alike are asking: should drug screening practices be changed? Should marijuana be taken off the list of tested drugs? What regulations should […]

Is Random Drug Testing Right for Me?

What Is Random Drug Testing? Random drug testing is used to screen for illegal or prescription substances using several different methods. Some of these methods include collecting urine or hair follicle samples. Random drug testing is when the employer selects one or more employees from a pool to be randomly tested. Since it is completely […]

What Legalization Means for You

As of this writing, the use of recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states, as well as Washington DC. Marijuana use for medical purposes is legal in 31 states. Additionally, our Canadian neighbors have lifted all restrictions on recreational marijuana. Even if your state still has traditional marijuana laws on the books, the odds […]

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