How Background Screeners Perform a Background Check | CNet Technologies

If you’re planning a new hire, it makes sense to learn everything you can about your potential employee before you make a firm decision. You need to know that you’re hiring the best person for the job—and the professional background screeners at CNet Technologies are here to help. We often get asked, “How does a background check work? What information […]

Understanding Education Verification in Texas | CNet Technologies

In the past, there may have been contexts in which employers took on good faith that an individual had the educational credentials that they claimed on their resumes. Before the rise of the internet, many jobs relied on a combination of on-the-job training and any form of background education. Modern employment, as it stands now, […]

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

When you are planning to hire an employee—and want to know how long it might take to receive background check results—it only makes sense to explore the possible timeline for a background screening. The truth is that the different levels of the background check process may require widely varying amounts of time. Depending on how […]

Security and Recognition: Why You Should Provide Photo ID Badges as Your Company Grows

As your business grows, it is wise to consider whether name tags would be a good idea for the company. Indeed, young companies where four or five employees all work together may not need such identification. However, for larger companies, there are a host of benefits associated with these simple additions to your corporate culture. CNet explores the […]

Third-Party Screening of the Social Media Generation Is Still Crucial!

The world is on the brink of Generation Z entering the workforce and becoming productive members of society, and yet it feels like only yesterday that millennials were making their debut. Just like with millennials, Gen Z is expected to shake up company culture, so how can you anticipate and adapt to fit the ideals […]

Every Successful Human Resource Manager Uses These 4 Tips!

As a Human Resource Manager for your company, you work with the “data of people”—but are you giving yourself the chance to focus on the individuals behind the numbers? The following tips will help you concentrate on seeing the big picture, engaging with employees, and humanizing your hiring practices. Ultimately, the most successful HR Managers know […]

Can Temporary Hires Positively Impact Your Company?

True or False: Temporary hires don’t work as hard as full-time employees. False. Joe Broschak, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Illinois, said regarding a temp worker study: “On average…temporary workers displayed better performance relative to goals compared to their full-time counterparts.” Furthermore, it was found that those with full-time potential don’t start to […]

Your Easy Guide to the Managerial Role in Pre-Employment Screening

The Human Resources (HR) department wears a lot of hats: they handle disputes between employees, keep track of incident reports, wrangle paid time off, enforce regular evaluations, and, most importantly, help find the best employees for your business! As an HR manager, you’re in charge of all of these items and play a crucial role in developing […]

Virtual Assistants: How to Vet a Remote Worker

As an entrepreneur, growing your business means hiring those who can help you thrive.  This can be expensive especially when you’re just starting.   Many companies will turn to contract work, specifically a virtual assistant.  A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely, often from their home, on tasks one would give to an administrative assistant.  These […]

How Third Party Risk Management can Help Your Startup!

Since the recession career paths have veered off into a kind of wild west.  As the US put itself back together, people had to get creative with making ends meet, resulting in a lot of contracting and subcontracting jobs and another boom of small business startups.  Reshaping the landscape after the crater the recession left […]

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