Do You Need an Employee Handbook for Your Company?

As your company grows and hires new employees into various roles, you’ll begin to see the possibility of inconsistency in your policies. Perhaps when you only have one or two employees, it is possible to manage many rules on a case-by-case basis. However, as you expand and grow, you are likely to encounter situations where you […]

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

When you are planning to hire an employee—and want to know how long it might take to receive background check results—it only makes sense to explore the possible timeline for a background screening. The truth is that the different levels of the background check process may require widely varying amounts of time. Depending on how […]

Online Background Checks: What Are the Benefits for Your HR Department?

Ordering online background checks has not only made the screening process faster but more straightforward and cost-effective. The prevalence of online public records databases also makes the process of checking background information more accessible than ever before! That being said, the overall amount of information you get from a background check online has risen to match the rate of availability. Meticulous, […]

FCRA Disclosure and Authorization Requirements: What HR Needs to Know

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) may have been enacted almost fifty years ago, but making sure that your hiring practices are compliant with FCRA regulations is a continual journey. The FCRA protects consumers from having their data shared wantonly—as well as helping them to give permission only to those they authorize to use their data. The act […]

How Long Is a Background Check Good For? Your HR Questions Answered

One of the most common questions we get at CNet Technologies is the query, “How long is a background check good for?” This kind of question makes third-party background checks seem more like a consumable than their actual purpose, but it gives us a chance to shed some light on the nature of third-party background checks. Unfortunately—or maybe fortunately— third-party background checks aren’t […]

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