Criminal Records Take a Backseat in the Hiring Process

This month in Background Screening in the News, we will be delving into the role of criminal background checks throughout the country. Recently, there’s been a shift in how criminal records are viewed and how they should apply to job seekers. Many of the changes have seen criminal background checks pushed to the end of the hiring process […]

CNET Technologies: Our Company and Culture

At CNET Technologies, we pride ourselves on being a fantastic choice for your background screening and verification needs, as well as an excellent partner in employee contracting.  However, that is just a description of our business. It does nothing to capture our stature or our culture.  We are proud of the organization we have established and the approach that […]

Employee Screening Empowers Smart Hiring

Is there anything more important than your hiring decisions? Not much, right? That by default means that your hiring process should be optimized to help deliver the best, most qualified, and reliable employees. A story from Inc., based on a report regarding job applications began by saying “a new study shows huge increase in lies […]

Pre-Employment Screening for Small Businesses

Bad hires happen all of the time.  Even extraordinarily bad hires.  We don’t always hear about them, because many times they occur in larger companies where they don’t make much of a dent.  If you bring in several million in profit a year, a few thousand bucks in theft maybe isn’t worth worrying that much about. If you’re […]

Do You Need Applicant Tracking?

Time is shorter than it was. That may sound like existential mumbo-jumbo, I will admit.  However, there is truth in that statement. Advances in technology have made it possible to contact someone instantaneously virtually anywhere they are.  A 24-hour news cycle allows almost anyone to be precisely as informed as they like. Accessibility has dramatically […]

Can Your Background Check Process Improve Onboarding?

Kronos Incorporated has thought a lot about onboarding. They have also researched, polled numerous HR professionals, and interpreted the results. To say that their findings are surprising is likely an understatement. According to their study with Human Capital Institute, 60 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that their primary goal was to integrate people into the […]

Background Checks: More Important Than You Think

Making sure that you are hiring the right candidates is more important now than ever. It’s difficult to calculate the costs of replacing an employee. Studies on the matter don’t much agree. However, it’s safe to say that replacing a bad hire can cost you at least 16% of that hire’s annual wage. The more advanced the […]

Freeing Up Human Resources

The responsibilities are endless, it seems. Interviewing candidates, managing training and onboarding, tending to employee concerns, conducting performance reviews and so forth. That’s just the routine functions. Let’s not forget that Human Resources is typically on the front line when things hit the fan. Your Human Resources department is already juggling enough. If they are […]

Criminal Background Checks: What is the Process?

Most hiring managers can agree that running a criminal background check on prospective new hires is a good idea. However, there are a variety of different options available to businesses looking to verify their applicants. Without a thorough understanding of the process, it is difficult to utilize the resulting information properly. Here we will discuss the process […]

Background Screening in the News

Let’s take a look at recent newsworthy articles that have affected the human resources landscape in the last several months. Rolling Background Checks Many reports have circulated recently about companies moving toward a system of rolling checkups on their employees. It’s impossible to know how many companies are switching to a system of constant monitoring of […]

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