Don’t Be Afraid—Background Screenings Can Protect Your Business!

This Halloween season, there’s more than just ghosts and ghouls to frighten us. Human Resources seems perpetually haunted by the specter of liability and the fear of high employee turnover! In all seriousness, employment is a tricky business. Doing your due diligence at the beginning of the hiring process can make it much easier not to be startled (Boo!). This […]

Three Essential Pre-Screening Techniques for Finding Long-Term Employees

Running a business with constant turnover can be stressful—it decreases productivity and puts unnecessary strain on your current employees. Sometimes this turnover can be due to company culture, workload expectations, or training techniques, but often the issue is that you’ve hired the wrong person for the job. Finding the right people to help your company […]

Vendor Screening Keeps Your Renters Safe

Being a property manager means taking on a lot of responsibilities. You are responsible for marketing a property, screening potential tenants, collecting rent, answering late night phone calls and complaints, maintaining the premises, documenting incidents, keeping the landlord informed, and understanding housing laws. With all of these things riding on your team, the one thing […]

Pre-Employment Screening for Property Management Companies

Since many of the employees in your property management company will have access to tenant homes and private information on various levels. As a result, you need to screen each employee properly. Every member of your team must possess the skills and qualifications suitable for the job. In addition, they should align with your company […]

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