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Do You Need Applicant Tracking?

Time is shorter than it was.

That may sound like existential mumbo-jumbo, I will admit.  However, there is truth in that statement. Advances in technology have made it possible to contact someone instantaneously virtually anywhere they are.  A 24-hour news cycle allows almost anyone to be precisely as informed as they like. Accessibility has dramatically decreased the headaches of distance while diminishing our patience.

As the world goes, so does the job market.  Changing cultures and a changing economy have made the hiring game confusing for many of us.  The applicant pool is larger than ever, and many outfits are looking to cut costs anywhere they can.  Often, that starts with cutting from the HR department…if your business was large enough to have one in the first place.

It is a cornerstone of capitalism that every company wants to hire the best talent while saving as much money as possible.  As you may know, this can quickly become a tricky juggling act. The good news is that there is a solution available to your business known as an Applicant Tracking Service (ATS).  The use of a trustworthy ATS can help your organization save money while making the most of your recruitment effort. Read on to learn how.

The Talent Pool

Are you making the most of the opportunities available to you in the digital age?  I’ll answer for you: Probably not. If your resources are limited, there are far too many social media and employment networking avenues to keep track of if you want to take advantage of the vast pool of potential employees.  An ATS will maximize your presence on a variety of internet job search platforms without the hassle of you posting your requirements a million times.

Capitalize on Now

The largest market in our country to fill your openings is the millennials.  Not only are they more comfortable with web-based job hunts, but they will also turn on a time-consuming application process that requires them to sit in front of a computer for an extended period.  An ATS should offer you an easy-to-use interface for hopefuls to access on not only the web but also via their cell phones, making it less likely that they quit on the application process halfway through.

Narrowing it Down

Once you’ve welcomed a broader talent base to apply for your opening, the number of results might seem overwhelming.  A good ATS solution will allow you to sort through this influx of applicants quickly and easily, offering you an opportunity to review and sort applicants based on your company’s particular vision and goals.

Customizable Tools

An ATS will allow you a plethora of tools to use to help you track and organize both your hiring needs and your applicants.  If an applicant doesn’t match your current needs, your ATS can flag them of future opening that may better fit their skill set.  You can graph things, chart stuff, pivot a table, and do whatever other fancy stuff you want to give even fancier names to…it all boils down to saving your company time, effort, and therefore money.

An Applicant Tracking System can relive the pressure and eliminate a great deal of the effort involved in searching for the proper candidate for your open positions.  If you could save your organization money while still providing them with a better set of applicants and a more reliable means to sort and track them, you would do it…right?  An ATS could be your company’s answer. We advise you to consider this option for filling your future openings.

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