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When you’re running a small business, it’s essential that every hire be a great hire. That’s one of the reasons why choosing a company to perform a background check can be almost as overwhelming as the hiring process itself! How do you know the company you’re working with is competent and dependable? How do you know the background report you’re receiving is complete and accurate?

At CNet Technologies, we take these questions seriously. Our team of highly skilled Texas background screeners has many years’ experience helping small businesses hire the right people. We also offer a highly advanced dashboard to keep your screening results easily organized and secure. This gives us considerable insight into how to choose the right background screening company.

Keep reading to learn our top tips for finding the right fit for you!

Know Your Needs

The first step to finding a great background screening company is understanding why you want a background check. From there, you can look for a company with experience in the areas you need most. For example, if you’re a small business, you need a company with pre-employment tools for small businesses that are tailored to your specific needs.

There are a few key benefits to performing a background check on a potential hire. Some of the most common reasons for working with Texas background screeners include:

  • Learning if a candidate has past criminal convictions that could impact their job performance
  • Reducing your liability risk by knowing more about your hire
  • Protecting your employees, company, and clients
  • Verifying education, certifications, and work history, so you now a candidate is qualified.

Know Your Options

You have a lot of choices when it comes to background screening, but generally, these options fall into two basic categories. There are DIY websites offering quick background checks, and there are full-service Texas background screeners that will do a complete and thorough investigation for you. There are pros and cons to each.

Online Background Checks

There isn’t one online database that contains all the information you might want about a potential hire. But there are online background check websites that allow you to search publicly-available databases to obtain some information. The biggest advantage of online background checks is that they are fast, easy, and inexpensive. Keep in mind, however, that there is no guarantee that the information you get will be accurate or complete. Also, not all online background checks are FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant—so they may not be legally valid for pre-employment screening purposes.

Full-Service Companies

Hiring a full-service background screening company will take more time than an online background check, but there are many advantages. A company like CNet Technologies, for example, will take on the full investigation for you. This includes verifying a candidate’s work history, education, criminal records, and any other areas you want looked at.


They will also inform and obtain consent from the candidate and utilize a screening process that is compliant with FCRA regulations. We use the investigative skills of our experienced Texas background screeners, along with the latest technology to ensure a thorough and accurate report.

Know What to Look For

What makes a good background screening company? There are many ways to answer that question, but at the end of the day, it comes down to reliability and trust. Screening a potential job candidate isn’t about digging up dirt on someone: it’s about finding an employee you can trust. You need a trustworthy screening company to be your ally through that process.

Make sure you’re working with a company that is:

  • Thorough: It goes without saying that you need a company who goes the extra mile to make sure every background check is thorough, detailed, and accurate. Our team uses every one of the many resources at our disposal, from scouring data repositories to making in-person calls to verify information.
  • Experienced: Every situation is different. You need a team that is not just experienced at running background checks but experienced in the fine details of helping businesses like yours.
  • Compliant: One of the advantages of hiring a background screening company rather than performing your own DIY background check online is legality. While a lot of information may be readily available and perfectly legal to access, there are still rules in place regarding how that information is used. We go to great lengths to establish that our process is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

At CNet Technologies, we offer the tools and experience to help your business thrive by ensuring that every person you hire will be an asset. That includes detailed background checks, pre-employment screening, drug screening, and many other services.

While we continue to battle this COVID-19 crisis together, hiring the right talent is more important than ever before. As a small company, you can’t afford to make a mistake in the hiring process when you’re trying to grow in the economic wake of the pandemic. Get in touch with the background screening experts at CNet Technologies to find your perfect fit!

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