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Hiring Great Employees Begins With the Candidate Pool

A Better Way

Imagine two rooms, one that has 1,000 job candidates and the other that has 100. Now imagine a game where the object is to be the first person to find three candidates who have earned a college degree. Do you want to be the person searching the room with 1,000 people or 100?

Welcome to the world of employers and the needle in the haystack game called finding the best job candidates for your business. There is a better way.

It Almost Doesn’t Matter

The truth is, it almost doesn’t matter what type of position you are trying to fill, finding the right person for the job makes a difference. It will save time, effort, energy, money, headaches and potentially even lawsuits (which is considerably more time and money).

Even if the need you have is for someone to shovel manure, knowing that the person for the job is strong enough, reliable, and healthy enough to do the job is important. What if that person was allergic to manure? Crazy, right? Who would take a job knowing they had a condition?

Unfortunately, that kind of situation isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Take this teacher for starters; according to one story, a “…high school teacher sued the school district after she was transferred to a junior high, claiming they knew she suffered from pedophobia, or “a fear of young children.”

People can be strange and weird things can happen. That is just one of the many reasons why you need to be proactive in your hiring practices. The good news is there are ways to take the crazy out of the job candidate pool.

It Starts with the Candidate Pool

In that game we discussed at the onset, imagine if your business only had to evaluate the small room while your competition had to evaluate all those people in the large room. That is the power of employment screening.

Thinning the pool by eliminating candidates who don’t meet your criteria results in having a stronger candidate pool. Depending on the type of employee you need, from that manure labor help to a rocket scientist, the type of people and skills required will vary. An effective screening process will help deliver the right kind of employee for the job.

Federal, state and county records and criminal reports are just a few of the resources employers can use to define their hiring policies. The key is using the criteria you need to produce the type of candidate pool that delivers the best individuals for the job.

Don’t Play in the Pool

Before you spend the time and money in that new-hire orientation and invest the time and energy of teaching a new hire about the details and intricacies of the position and the history and purpose of the business, it’s vital that you get to know your potential employee.

If you have filtered the pool, the work of finding a quality worker, employee, and person becomes clearer. There is no time to spend playing in the pool when you are at work. Get to the task of finding your next great employee by talking to people with the right skills, right qualities and right character for your business from the start.

It all begins with the employee pool, but it can get expensive if you want to play there. Click here to learn more about the tools CNET Technologies offers to employers that will help you determine if a candidate is worth your time, or download our free guide, “The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Best Pre-Employment Screening Service.”

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