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Hiring Tips for 2019

The hiring market is moving so fast that many HR departments may have difficulty keeping up.  Technology is shrinking our world and shortening our timelines, drastically changing the way that the best and brightest search for employment.

If you aren’t continually revamping your recruitment processes, you could easily miss out on the best available hires.  With the dawning of a new year on the horizon, perhaps it’s time to make some resolutions to update your hiring practices?


Studies have shown that job hunters are changing the way they hunt. Today’s applicants are far more likely to abandon an application that takes any significant amount of time. Does your company require applicants to fill out a detailed form online or (gasp) on paper? Potential employees have begun to prefer application processes that they can access easily, particularly on the go.

Millennials are now the single largest generation in the country. Not only are they a generation raised on the internet and smartphones, but they are also a green generation. They are easier to reach while carpooling and riding public transit— that’s when they have some downtime in their busy days.

Is your hiring process optimized for mobile access? Are you utilizing social media, LinkedIn, and other web-based hiring tools to the best of their capability? Odds are you aren’t. Anyone hoping to compete for the best staff available to them (and everyone is, right?), should consider revamping their recruitment efforts to appeal to millennials.


Your competitors in the hiring game are trending towards improving the candidate experience, something you should consider if you would like them to remain your competitors. At the highest level, this means making your applicants feel important throughout the hiring process.

Keep them informed about the process and updated on the status of their application. Maintain an open line of communication with potential hires and be eager to answer their questions. Not only will word spread to other potentials, but the candidates you do hire will also be much more eager for onboarding.


There are tons of technological advances available to you that you may be unaware of, particularly in the background screening arena. In a world where so much information is made available digitally every day, it’s helpful to have some means of finding the needles in that haystack.

Technology has advanced to utilize AI and machine learning to scour through data and significantly ease the burden of successfully screening a potential new hire. These efforts can help guarantee that you hire a trustworthy candidate, and ease any fears of them leaving you in a couple of months or robbing you blind.

There are many opportunities to improve your recruitment efforts in the new year. However, your business may not be positioned to take advantage of them on your own. Fortunately, there are experts out there that can assist you. We recommend that you consider seeking the assistance of a reputable, NAPBS certified employment screening firm like CNet to help install positive improvements to your process. Interested in learning more? Download our free guide, “The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Best Pre-Employment Screening Service.”


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