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How Photo IDs Provide an Additional Level of Security for Your Company

No one likes to envision negative risks affecting their business—but one of the best ways to avoid a security breach is to prevent them proactively. Creating common-sense security measures in your company and making them the norm helps your employees feel secure and productive, knowing that their work and their physical bodies are safe. Read on to learn more about how photo IDs provide an additional level of security for your business and how you can integrate them into your workplace.

1. An Early Warning System for Security Personnel

Security personnel appreciate photo ID badges. Imagine that someone walks into your company who intends to commit an infraction, but physically looks similar to all the other people entering the building. When no visual identification is required, this person blends in; when photo ID badges are the norm, this person instantly creates a heightened state of alert for security personnel.

Sure, you might have someone forgot their photo ID badge for a day. Still, the lack of identification gives the security personnel a good reason for approaching said person rather than asking them to rely on their memory of who works there. As your company grows, this becomes even more crucial: memory alone won’t cut it. Before you even invest in greater security features, you can see how photo IDs provide an additional level of security in your company.

2. All Members of Your Team Join the Security Effort

As a team, you only fully realize that security is a group effort when your designated security is occupied. One or two guards cannot be the entirety of your security effort—because they cannot be alert and aware of everything. Instead, all employees become part of the security effort when photo IDs are available.

If someone other than a security officer notices a missing photo ID, they can discreetly alert the security team, or ask that person if they need something. This can begin a confrontation that smoothly eliminates a threat to security in the building, without creating a significant scene or endangering anyone involved. The team members essentially become “extra eyes” for the security personnel—which in turn become more effective even at very low staffing numbers.

3. IDs Make Access Levels Easy and Customizable

Another form of how photo IDs provide an additional level of security involves limited-access areas of your company. If, for instance, your company is a hospital, there are multiple levels of security clearance. People in a given department need access to their storage rooms and floor entrances—but not to the rooms and floors of other departments.

With applied security features—like a proximity card or a swipe strip that is embedded inside a photo ID—you can create a security clearance that allows people into just the areas where they are supposed to be. Rather than posting guards or having complex entry requirements that merit additional staffing, you enable your security clearances and the badge itself to smooth this process of letting the right people gain access to the right areas.

4. Requiring ID Can Help Solve Workplace Security Breaches

While one hopes that it won’t happen, the fact of the matter is that theft, unauthorized access, and other forms of misconduct do happen in companies. One of the valuable aspects of having photo ID badges as access keys to particular areas is that you can use the data generated about when every security swipe occurred to create a timeline for a problem.

If a laptop goes missing, tracking back to the last person who swiped into that zone can be helpful in finding the person who took the computer—or finding someone who could have been a witness to the crime. The information in security swipe-ins cannot be a single, straightforward story of what happened. Still, it offers more footage and information if no security camera footage was available for that zone.

The photo ID badge is a ubiquitous, common workplace feature—which gives it a real advantage. By implementing a robust, high-quality system of photo ID badges, you make it possible to keep your business more secure—without installing items that are overt signs that something terrible might happen. After all, the more security personnel, security cameras, and other measures that are at play, the more nervous your employees may become.

The photo ID badge gives you an easy way to instantly recognize someone out of place, prevent unauthorized access, and get your whole team on board while securing your office. These efforts aren’t for nothing: even if you don’t experience any kind of security issue, recognize that good organization connected to your photo ID badges may yield a level of safety and security that your employees appreciate.

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