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Human Resources Managers: How to Increase Your Productivity

According to the latest Indeed 2018 Job Forecast, companies plan to replace nearly 30% of their part-time roster with full-time employees. What does that mean for human resource managers? More work. The new job opening equates to more resumes, correspondence, recruiting, application reviews, interviews, and, of course, hiring and onboarding.

If you are going to succeed at work this year, then you’ll need to improve your productivity significantly. Here’s how you can do it without wearing yourself thin or putting in the extra hours.

Become a To-Do List Master

Without a to-do list, you may be driving your career straight into a hurricane with no steering wheel. The busier you get, the more chaotic your job will become. Thus, you may end up dropping the ball more often than you’d like.

A to-do list keeps you on track and helps you prioritize your tasks. You can use a handwritten to-do list or opt for an app on your phone, computer, or tablet. Create a list that falls into three categories:

  1. Urgent tasks you must complete today.
  2. Tasks that require your attention, but you can hold off until tomorrow.
  3. Leftover tasks that can wait.

Prioritize Your Task

There are only so many hours in the day. Therefore, you have to choose which tasks require the most energy and your fullest attention right now.

Something to consider: Perform your most labor-intensive work when you are at your best mentally and physically. This, of course, depends on your body chemistry and when your energy kicks in. If you align your toughest projects with your highest level of mental and physical capacity during the day, you will find that you can perform more efficiently and produce higher-quality work.

Outsource the Human Resources Tasks That You Can

If you have the budget for it and want to free up some time, you may want to explore which areas of your job allows you to outsource some work.

For example, background screening can be time-consuming and exhausting. You could spend hours trying to look through dozens of applicants’ backgrounds only to find that you’ve wasted an entire day trying to vet too many candidates.

CNet can take the stress out of vetting applicants by providing comprehensive background screening checks for you. We can help you save time in the following ways:

Tell us what type of our outsourcing you need for employee screening, and we can take it from there, whether you need technology integration with your existing system or you need to reduce the time-to-hire.

Use Your Down Time Wisely

If you have any spare time throughout the day (that does not include your lunch break), try to make the most of that time by performing menial tasks. Take some time to reply to some emails, listen to voicemails, organize some files, or catch up on some work that you are currently behind on.

Try to avoid personal time during your downtime. This is your opportunity to do some small things that create stress during your workday or even to get ahead so that you don’t have to stay late.

Avoid Multitasking. It Kills Your Productivity

Just a few years ago, multitasking suddenly became a corporate phenomenon. Workers who could perform several tasks simultaneously were seen as superhuman and highly praised in the workplace. Now that the hype has settled, however, research has shown that multitasking doesn’t improve your productivity.

Why? Because the brain can only focus on one task at a time. Even if you are juggling multiple tasks within a short period, you are still giving all of your attention to the task in front of you. Therefore, you will be more productive if you focus on the task in front of you until you complete it. You are more likely to complete that task more efficiently and produce higher quality work.

Engage in Some Type of Physical Activity

Mounds upon mounds of research have demonstrated that this routine will deteriorate your mental capacity:

  • Getting up
  • driving to work
  • sitting all day in the office
  • driving home
  • sitting on the couch
  • going to bed
  • Getting back up

If you are out of shape and not moving around, your body will suffer from lack of circulation. Lack of circulation leads to lack of mental aptitude, lack of energy, and an overall lack of wellness. It will also affect your sleep cycle, which will, in turn, affect your productivity during the day. The solution: join a gym, take a daily walk, play with your children — get out and get moving. You’ll notice a huge difference in your workday and other areas of your life.

Pre-Employment Screening Service for HR Managers

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