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Is Your Recruiting Mobile?

Technology is always a step ahead, it seems. You just bought a new iPhone last month, and then Apple announces the next generation. You bought a plasma TV…then a LED…then a 4K. You purchased bitcoin (need a hug?).

Our world is more and more dependent upon technology every single day. Thirty-five years ago, you knew a handful of people that had a computer; now you only know a handful who do not carry a computer in their pocket. Smartphones, in many ways, make our world smaller and more efficient. However, mobile recruiting seems to be an afterthought for most companies. We believe that this is a mistake.

Millennials are now the largest generation in America. Aged 22-37 in 2018, this generation is primarily defined by their lifetime-familiarity with the internet. They are the future. Not just of our nation, but of your company…should you choose to recruit them. If you aren’t taking advantage of mobile recruiting and mobile-friendly pre-employment screeningyou may be missing out on the best available hires.

Almost half of the employment candidates take advantage of mobile options in their job search. More than half of employment candidates abandon the application process if it is too arduous. Can you imagine a candidate that must primarily search for jobs on their smartphone, and how quickly they will abandon an application if it isn’t conducive to their platform of choice? Also, consider that more than half of all current job-holders are searching for something better. If their employer monitors their web traffic, their only option is likely to search on their phones during breaks.

It boils down to this: if you want to give your organization the best chance at the best and brightest, you need to optimize your recruiting efforts for mobile platforms, and this includes the background screening process after employee selection.

The good news is that you no longer have to hire an app developer to solve this problem. Tons of online job boards and listing sites are now mobile optimized. What about after you find the right candidate?

Work with a company that continues that ease of access throughout the background screening process. They can help you with pre-employment screening, drug screenings, credit checks, and so forth. The right company can even further help you cater to the millennials all around you, serving their cubicle time and looking for something more meaningful.

CNet Technologies helps HR professionals like you manage background screening, drug testing, and compliance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a better hiring experience for your organization.

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