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Make the Background Check Process Faster for Your HR Department

No hiring manager or HR department is ever happy when your third-party background checks take longer than expected. After all, there is plenty of work to be done—or hiring for that position wouldn’t be a priority. Some third-party background checks indeed take some time to go through—especially if they deal with multiple databases or extensive searches.

That being said, CNet Technologies has found ways to make the process better—and faster—using our cutting-edge, customizable CTrack platform. Here are just some of the ways that our modernized system saves you time on third-party background checks.


Retain Prior Information for Future Ease of Use

The CTrack platform, at its core, is about creating and retaining great records. When you have highly secure, encrypted systems, they’re usually not very user-friendly. CNet Technologies set out to change that expectation.

  • With the CTrack platform, you can easily find vendor and applicant information from past interactions while retaining your need for tight security protocol.
  • You can see whether a potential partner’s background checks and verifications are still up to date—and order only that which you need to renew a contract or review an application.
  • Ultimately, this also saves you time: rather than re-running checks that are still valid, you can make use of your secure database of custom-curated content.

With a Single Click, See Whether a Batch of Checks Is Complete

When you work across multiple background check tracking systems—or even simply through spreadsheets with incomplete updating procedures—this can create some real rigamarole when it comes to verifying which checks have been completed. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the issues of systems that lack multi-user access!

  • The CTrack system automatically updates, meaning that you can check your dashboard at any time to see which verifications and background checks are complete.
  • In HR, you know every second of your day is valuable—and being able to click a few times and have the answer to your questions about whether crucial background checks are done is incredibly helpful.
  • Take your working efficiency to new heights! The ease of near-instant updates gives you the time you need to hire the right talent—before they get scouted by the competition.

Staying Organized Saves You Time

The simple act of having all your information in one place—rather than spread haphazardly across multiple platforms—not only provides time savings in the form of organization, it ensures crucial data isn’t “lost in translation” or location.

As systems change hands in HR, you may find that a file here or there goes missing. Perhaps your file has become corrupted or has a typo in the name that makes it unable to be opened. These small oversights can add up to missing paperwork that is vital to maintain compliance and keep your processes moving. The organization possible through CTrack allows you to avoid the kind of messy oversight that is a natural result of many moving parts.

When you centralize your information, you gain a long-term ally in the fight for efficiency and effectiveness. The addition of custom parameters that tailor content to the unique needs of your company is the icing on top.

Excellent Record keeping Saves Time During Staff Transitions

The truth is that over time, your people power in Human Resources may change. As an HR manager, you are most intimately aware of the effects of turnover on every element of your company.

Imagine you have one employee in particular who handles a vast majority of a process specific to your hiring needs. If their method is scattered across multiple platforms, it may become challenging for a replacement to understand and utilize this pre-existing structure.

  • Maintaining your security and organization during a staff transition is easier than ever with the powerful CTrack portal.
  • CNet Technologies can orient and onboard your new staff as needed by simply answering a few questions.
  • Experienced HR representatives and other staff will find CTrack easy to use and tailored to their individual needs.
  • Having a centralized system ensures that if the person accessing the files and verifications changes, the security of the data and its ease of access remain.

Secure Storage Saves Time and Money Over the Alternative!

The high-grade security encryption designed directly into the CTrack platform helps you maintain full FCRA compliance when handling the sensitive data of your potential vendors and applicants.

Storing items the “old-school” way—like in a locked filing cabinet or on your personal computer—are now riskier ways to manage someone’s personal data. In today’s age, we all know how easily data can “escape” your own devices—resulting in an “information oil spill” that was never supposed to be released.

When it comes to personal data, you save big time when you prevent costly breaches of security. However, you also promote trust when you can quickly and easily verify that your current system uses extensive encryption. It pays to be above reproach in the compliance world, and it’s an excellent way to have better peace of mind. Let CNet keep track of the latest in compliance standards and update CTrack to meet those needs—your job is to find the best possible talent.

Via our CTrack platform, we aim to revolutionize background checks. At CNet Technologies, we believe the process should be as quick and painless as possible—while maintaining the security of your potential vendors and job candidates.

We see the benefits of verification and screening come to fruition every day as our clients are able to hire talent that they feel confident will perform well in their new roles. To learn more about CNet Technologies—and to learn how CTrack can simplify and secure your hiring process—get in touch with us today!

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