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Online Background Checks: What Are the Benefits for Your HR Department?

Ordering online background checks has not only made the screening process faster but more straightforward and cost-effective. The prevalence of online public records databases also makes the process of checking background information more accessible than ever before!

That being said, the overall amount of information you get from a background check online has risen to match the rate of availability. Meticulous, digitized record-keeping means more information to sift through—and there are more avenues available to third-party screening services with the connectivity of the internet.

CNet Technologies makes it easy to order and access online background checks—and we expand the benefits you receive because of this opportunity. Here are just a few reasons why ordering a background check online will benefit your company in your hiring processes.

Ordering Online Is Faster and Simpler

One of the most significant benefits of ordering a background check online is that it is a fast process; rather than submitting forms or making phone calls, you can select the kind of screening you need easily and quickly.

Some companies keep some portion of their screenings in-house but can lose the result of their efforts in the cross-platform shuffle. This is where a customizable approach that keeps all of your information in one place can really shine. A great example of this is the CTrack platform developed by CNet Technologies.

The CTrack platform allows you to select what screenings you need without duplicating your efforts—and organization has never been simpler. The online portal is so easy to use that it makes organizing your online background checks a breeze—regardless of the scale of your business.

Performing a Background Check Online Maintains Security

While many people worry about the security of the internet when it comes to screening, you’re more likely to lose data in a Facebook breach than through highly-encrypted online background checks.

Sending sensitive documents back and forth via email— which is far less secure than a dedicated platform like the CTrack—can expose the data you handle to unnecessary risk! Instead, use private messaging to share documents from background checks online through the CNet Technologies CTrack portal: no text leaves its high-grade encryption.

With the rise of porch pirates reaching epidemic levels, even shipping  crucial items through the mail could lead to lost or opened documents. Your safety and security—and that of your potential employee or vendor—is maintained best by choosing to perform the background check online.

Finally: Better Organization for Your Screening Process

As mentioned earlier, keeping your background check documents organized can be a challenge—especially as you add to a growing list of candidates and hires! While this is a positive sign of growth for your company, maintaining a structured system for your data as you scale up is crucial.

If your current system fails to scale to your needs or lacks a streamlined UI, it may be time to consider moving to a modern solution that can easily be integrated into by any new hires. A great example of some features you should look for include:

  • Efficient search features for your former background checks
  • Each document you request should be easily accessible at the click of a button
  • On-demand, customizable screening
  • The ability to span across any size and industry.

If you work with any of your employees or even volunteers sporadically, having flexible access to documentation and screening tools can be incredibly helpful for the long-term success of your company. As companies grow, they need background check solutions that grow with them—and the CTrack platform can do just that.

Supplemental Screening Options a Single Click Away

Supplemental screenings help your hiring process by supporting your quest to find and retain the best talent. Whether you are looking for:

  • A specific license or certification
  • Education history
  • Employment verification
  • Military records
  • Reference checks
  • Drug screening history.

When you do so using a secure online platform like CTrack, you can tailor these searches to your needs.

Online background checks have the advantage over traditional methods like phone requests or via the mail, both of which take more time and can result in “crossed wires” and lost information. You don’t want to have to go through multiple vendors or manage the intricacies of background checks in-house; your HR department is already busy enough!

Tailor-Made, Technology-Driven Solutions

One major benefit of working with a tool that provides online background checks like the CTrack platform is that you can request that only the information you wish to use in your hiring process makes it back to you.

If you don’t want to get information about a potential hire’s personal life that might be available through a Google search or a social media check, just let your provider know! They can flag the real information you need—such as references to illegal activity. Let your third-party screening provider be your partner in the pursuit of a truly unbiased application process: use only the information that could create liability for you or reduce your hire’s ability to do quality work.

Conducting a background check online is no longer the future of business: with CTrack, it’s the present. Working with a third-party screening provider like CNet Technologies protects you from the damage of a costly data breach.

Your background checks don’t just have to apply to full-time employees, either; if you regularly check the backgrounds of vendors or contractors, you can store this information for long-term use. Online checks provide a flexible, customizable solution that empowers you to make informed decisions and find the best talent.

If a cutting-edge, secure approach to your screening needs and data storage sounds like what you’ve been missing for your hiring process, get in touch with CNet Technologies today! No company is too great or small to benefit from a better background screening process.

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