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Retail Background Checks Protect Your Business

The retail industry has some unique aspects to consider when it comes to pre-employment screening.  It’s a high turnover industry. Hourly store employees experience a turnover rate of about 65 percent. Seasonal employees, teenagers, or other part-timers can make it a revolving door of employees passing through your doors.

So, is it worth the expense of background checks when you see so many employees come and go? Yes! It’s critical to run thorough background checks on any employee in the retail industry – no matter how short their tenure.

Here’s what to consider when running pre-employment background checks for retail employees.

Reduce The Size of Your Candidate Pool

For many retail jobs, you’ll receive dozens of applications. It’s not hard to replace an hourly retail employee from your stash of ongoing job applications.

During seasonal hiring, your inbox might get flooded with applicants looking for extra work over the summer or holidays. What if you could reduce the volume of unqualified applicants? Time is money in the retail business.

You’d save time and money by not sifting through unqualified applications to find the handful worth considering. You’d also reduce the risk of hiring a bad employee. When you hire a bad employee, you lose money and waste more time finding a replacement.

Hiring great employees starts with the quality of your candidate pool. Run the screening on your finalists, and then remove anyone who doesn’t pass the background check from further consideration. Always follow your state, federal, and FCRA laws.

Retail Employees Serve Your Customers

No matter your product or service, your retail employees deal with your customers. Your customers trust you to provide a safe environment for them while they are in your place of business.

Don’t risk hiring an employee who creates an unsafe environment for your other employees or your customers. You also need your employees to show up to work on time for every shift. Your customers depend on your employees to help them.

Criminal history and a drug screen should be a standard part of your pre-employment background check for all applicants. Use these reports to help assess the credibility and dependability of potential employees.

When your customers are frustrated by poor service, you lose business, and your reputation suffers. Hire employees you can trust to handle customers and your products and services with care.

Retail Employees Protect Your Investment

Do your employees have keys to your business? Do they have access to your products, the cash register, or any of your financials? Do you trust employees to work together without fear for their safety from other employees?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you risk harm to your business investment without running pre-employment background checks for anyone you consider hiring as an employee.

A criminal background check will reveal any applicants with a history of theft or assault. You risk losing products, money, and the safety of your employees when you skip the background check on any retail employee.

What Should You Check?

For different positions in your retail business, create a set of criteria. Then determine the screenings you need to provide pre-employment information for each role.

Depending on your business and each job requirements, you might find that not every position requires the same set of screenings.

However, for each role, it’s important to screen each applicant based on the same requirements to avoid the risk of discrimination claims in your hiring process.

  • Cashier/Customer Facing–These positions require thorough screening. They handle money, customers, and complaints. Screenings should include Address history, Social Security, Criminal history, and prior Employment.
  • Managers–Add a credit report. Be sure your higher-level store employees can handle money, reports, and are equipped to manage your assets. You might also want to verify their education to make sure their education and training fits your requirements.
  • Warehouse or Drivers–Be sure you also check certifications and driving history as-needed for these positions.

For any strategic or financial support employees, consider adding licensing checks (CFA, CPA, CMA, etc.) and civil reports. These are employees that you entrust with more responsibility. Make sure their background supports that level of trust.

Make it Easy on Your Hiring Process

That revolving door of employees coming and going might never stop as long as your business continues. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your odds of finding quality employees–no matter how long they work with your company.

You have a lot to do when running your retail business. Partnering with a pre-employment screening business that specializes in background checks makes your job easier.

A pre-employment screening company provides quick, thorough screening to keep up with the demands of your hiring needs.

It’s critical to find the best pre-employment screening service to work closely with you in your business. CNet Technologies can help you find your perfect partner. Get our FREE Definitive Guide to Selecting the Best Pre-Employment Screening Service.

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