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Security and Recognition: Why You Should Provide Photo ID Badges as Your Company Grows

As your business grows, it is wise to consider whether name tags would be a good idea for the company. Indeed, young companies where four or five employees all work together may not need such identification. However, for larger companies, there are a host of benefits associated with these simple additions to your corporate culture. CNet explores the five reasons why you should provide photo ID badges as a component of company expansion.

1. Build Name Recognition—and Morale

Feeling anonymous at work can be a real pain: after all, people want to be appreciated for their contributions. There is something far less invisible about being greeted by name—it creates a sense of community. Rather than requiring awkward first interactions, photo ID badges make it easy to get to know each other and address each other by a preferred name.

Feeling known and seen at work can lead to a host of positive behaviors, from increased morale and company loyalty to increased productivity. Managers with extensive rosters can more easily establish rapport with new employees and integrate them quickly.

2. Create Warm Connections Between Employees and Customers

There is something far more comfortable about knowing the actual name of your customer service representative. When on a phone call with guest support, it can sometimes feel like the person on the other end has no motivation to help you solve your problem. Getting someone’s name can powerfully increase that bond.

In a face-to-face interaction, it matters even more. Whether your employees are actively engaged in customer service, or give someone directions while they are walking through the building, having a name-face connection bonds them more clearly to your company. One of the top reasons why you should provide photo ID badges is that it also gives your company a sense of credibility. An ID badge is another way to engage in branding that clearly makes your employees distinct from other customers.

3. Enhanced Security Features

These days, photo ID badges come with a host of security features.

  • You can allow people to swipe in and out of the building, providing door security without as much monitoring.
  • You can use security features to swipe in at a security desk, where a person can look at the larger photo of the individual and ensure that everyone coming in actually matches their photographs.
  • You can even use the card to encode who can enter which parts of your company’s building, making it easy to ensure that only those authorized enter sensitive or restricted areas.

These features reduce the amount of confusion and confrontation over who can go into which areas of the business—which might occur if all badges opened all doors.

The goal of these security features is to make it incredibly visible when someone isn’t where they should. Your security personnel can assist anyone who is lost or confused or escort out anyone who is not authorized to enter the building. Your company’s proprietary information—and your employees themselves—are far safer this way, yet another reason why you should provide photo ID badges.

4. Badges Promote Professionalism

If the difference between one’s “look” outside the office and inside the office is virtually nothing, there is a temptation to be just as casual and off-the-cuff inside the office. Most companies want to have a workforce that separates their “work life” and “home life,” which requires a professional demeanor when they enter the workplace.

Photo ID badges are a reminder to your employees that they are representing you as a company—and should be demonstrating positive, professional behaviors. This may seem like it wouldn’t be a problem, but the power of unconsciously “putting on” one’s work identity can be surprisingly effective at preventing inappropriate workplace behaviors. It also makes it easier to identify an employee who has chosen to engage in activities or behaviors that damage company culture.

5. IDs Promote Brand Awareness and Company Pride

Connected to the goal of professionalism is the fact that your employees become a source of brand awareness even outside of the company! Having badges helps your team to look like and feel like a team—a reminder of the big picture while going about their daily routine.

Tasteful photo ID badges instill a sense of excitement about the company’s work and remind those around you that the company is united. When your team is off-site, meeting with a customer, or acting in another capacity, others will remember the name of the company better when you utilize photo ID badges, associating professionalism and positive results with your name.

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