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The NAPBS to PBSA Transition: What’s New? How Does It Affect Screening?

Professional organizations provide so much for businesses and industries. They give members a place to share and grow while making everyone’s work that much better. Recognizing that everyone has room to grow and something to learn, CNet Technologies is proud to be part of the newly minted Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), a worldwide organization. We know that the future is bright for background screening as an industry, and we are excited to see what will happen next.

As members of the former National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), we are excited to see it emerge after a rebranding and transition into a global force. There are, of course, many things that will be similar in terms of their professionalism, resources, and outreach on behalf of background screeners. However, there are also exciting new changes coming in the near future, which will make PBSA membership stand out as a must among screening providers. These developments make membership with the PBSA all the more powerful.

Going Truly Global

The big change that represents the future for PBSA is the loss of the word “National.” While many background screening organizations are in the United States, it no longer made sense to be a national organization. After all, there are many places in Europe, Canada, and other countries around the world where background screening is widespread and required. As Melissa Sorensen, Executive Director of PBSA, said in a PBSA press release, “PBSA has a significant international footprint, and we only expect it to grow larger. It was clear to us that we needed to bring our name and brand in line with what our association is today—a truly global organization. I am thrilled with this new direction and am excited to see what is next for PBSA on the global stage.”

Being a global organization opens up members to techniques for background screening that have sprung up in different cultures and communities, helping everyone benefit from expanded knowledge. Global interaction online allows for unprecedented sharing and communication, enhancing the screening process for all companies that participate.

This level of collaboration means a screening process that is more agile, cost-effective, and applicable in the face of changing global regulations. Many of the companies we work with already have a global presence, providing services that acknowledge this is a win for everyone!

900 Member Companies and Counting

Did you know that PBSA has more than 900 member companies? When members interact, we each get to know the latest in technologies and strategies that can make for improved accuracy and cost-effectiveness in background screening. We also learn about national and international trends that help us to keep an eye out on the needs of Human Resources.

Other companies in our professional organization might inform us if there have been, for instance, court cases ruling that a particular college was a scam and should not be treated as an actual degree. The PBSA has a stated aim to continue growing, which allows the organization to actively seek new members who are on the cutting-edge of this field. It will also allow us to get to know adjacent services providers that we forge relationships with to enhance the services we provide.

A Logo for the Future of the Organization

The new logo features a professional and elegant stylized globe, showing that background screening as a profession is global while reflecting the universal nature of our work. After all, you will continue to receive applications from individuals who have spent time all over the world—or perhaps still live abroad.

We want to have the networks and knowledge to grow our understanding of—and connection to—information channels across the world. Addressing the visual rebranding is important; we all know how confusing it is to get familiar with a product only to have the label change with no explanation! However, the only changes to this “formula” are positive.

A Continued Expectation of Excellence

PBSA will continue to offer many of the services that made them an excellent organization in the past.

  • Public visibility through directory listings.
  • Weekly newsletters about the latest information in background screening.
  • Legislative updates about how various state, local, and national laws are impacting the work we do.
  • Affinity group membership through sub-field connections within background screening.
  • Monthly webinars to keep us developing professionally over time.

Becoming a member of PBSA also means having access to PBSA certificate and accreditation programs. These indicate true professionals in the background screening industry who have demonstrated their expertise.

In general, membership in PBSA also means we have a voice in Washington, D.C., where many essential laws regarding background screening are written. Advocacy ensures that bloated roadblocks aren’t added to a process that you need to find the best candidates for any position.

CNet Technologies is proud to be the kind of cutting-edge provider who embraces the future with PBSA. We want to provide you with the best possible verification and screening services. To do that, we need to have our finger on the pulse of the industry. Our time working in many aspects of the background screening field has helped us to make the most of PBSA events and resources, making our products and services the best they possibly can be at home and abroad.

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