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To Outsource or Not to Outsource? Pros & Cons of Third-Party Screening

Outsourcing your pre-employment screening can take a lot of responsibility and liability off your plate. Third-party screening can assure that the information you receive on your candidates is obtained legally, and lowers the risk of exposing you to sensitive information about potential employees. Your HR team will do the final analysis, so why not make sure the information they get is the best? With CNet Technologies, you are guaranteed that the information we obtain on your candidates is acquired legally, efficiently, and ethically.

Pros of Third-Party Background Checks

Save Time and Resources

The most significant change you’ll see when you decide to outsource your pre-employment screening is the increase in the productivity levels of your HR department. Obtaining credit checks, background/criminal checks, and verifying past employment takes up a lot of time and resources. Here at CNet Technologies, our focus is on obtaining and verifying this information: while we gather the information for you, your HR team can return to what they do best.

Legal Protection

Gathering data on what could be dozens of prospective candidates can be so daunting that some HR teams may be tempted to cut corners.  Obtaining information from online criminal databases (which are often outdated) or browsing a candidate’s social media pages instead of waiting on proper reporting can be a legal danger zone! CNet Technologies takes out the guess-work: reports are acquired legally, and the information given to your HR team won’t include anything outside of what can be used to determine candidate employment.

Objective Results

Through the initial process of application, resume, and interviews with a hiring manager, an HR team can get a great picture of who the candidate is and whether they might be a good fit for your company. However, information gained through background checks and employment history may paint a different picture. That’s why it’s essential for your team to remain objective towards any qualified candidates and conduct thorough screenings for all, despite how fit they seem. With third-party analysis, you can be sure a thorough screening is undertaken no matter what, and important red-flags aren’t overlooked.


Another advantage of using a third-party pre-employment screening company is candidate peace-of-mind that their information is private. Candidates are most likely applying to several jobs at the same time, and each of these jobs may be pulling background checks, credit history, and verifying their employment. CNet Technologies handles applicant information with care, and only the pertinent data makes its way to your HR department.

Cons of Third-Party Background Checks

At CNet Technologies, we feel that the positives of pre-screening candidates far outweigh the negatives. However, not all screening companies are created equal, and mistakes can be made that would be costly to your company and potentially harmful to the applicant.

Human Error

Anytime there is a transfer of information there is a possibility of error, which could cost your company additional expense.  Simple mistakes like misspelling candidate names, getting their date of birth incorrect, or finding an applicant’s “double” are just a small selection of the things that can go wrong when pulling records for your candidates. Additionally, records are not always accurate, and exposure to this information could leave you liable to defamation lawsuits.

Bias with Criminal Records

Though it is legal to pull criminal records, there has been new legislation introduced that advises companies not to use this information the way it was in the past. Due to ever changing laws, a company should always have a good criminal records policy in place that was crafted with the help of their legal counsel to ensure the best interests of the company and applicant are well served.

Let CNet Technologies Handle the Screening Stress!

Pre-screening your potential employees is essential when you need to know more about who you’re allowing into your business. Pre-screening will enable you to weed out embellished resumes and also provide reassurance that the candidates you love are indeed the right fit for you! When working with a third-party screening company, your risk of discrimination or pulling irrelevant information is significantly reduced.  You also free up your HR department’s resources to focus on your current employees. Contact CNet Technologies today to learn more about how we can help you hire the best people to grow your business!

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