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What Info Do You Need for Accurate, FCRA Compliant Background Checks? | CNet Technologies

Running a background check on an employee, job applicant, or tenant can seem like an overwhelming task to take on by yourself. Even with the online resources available, checking someone’s background on your own can be challenging, which is why companies like CNet Technology offer accurate, FCRA compliant background checks that take the burden of responsibility off your shoulders.

Based on the information you are able to provide us, our team of expert background screeners can provide a full report on a candidate’s education and employment history, along with any criminal records that may exist. Here’s how it works!

Information Needed for Background Screening

Background checks involve sensitive data and information. Because we value your privacy, as well as the privacy of your employees and potential job candidates, we only ask for the information we absolutely need to perform an FCRA compliant background check. For a thorough investigation, candidates should supply the following:

  • Full name (including middle name)
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Current zip code
  • Phone number
  • Email address

For certain types of background checks, we may need additional information, such as driver licenses, passport numbers, and degree information. You may also need to obtain your employee or candidate’s permission for credit reports, school transcripts, and military records.

Using the information you provide, our background screeners will perform a thorough, accurate, and FCRA compliant background check. Our team takes great care to ensure that our background check process is always compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) because this directly impacts you as the employer. We are also careful to navigate applicable state and local laws.

Getting the Information You Need

Our dedicated team of background screening specialists uses every tool at their disposal to perform a complete and accurate background check. These range from scouring online databases and government data repositories to sending emails and making in-person phone calls to verify your candidate’s information. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the most reliable service—so you can make the right hiring choices.

A standard, wide-ranging background check typically takes just a few days to complete, although it may take longer to perform a more in-depth background check. All you have to do is let us know what information you want to get about your candidate, and supply us with the information we need to find it. Our team of background screeners will do the rest, including:

  • Confirming employment history: It’s not uncommon for job candidates to embellish their employment history. From misrepresenting their job titles to fudging dates of employment, there are many ways candidates can blur the lines between fact and fiction. Our screeners will check every detail, including job titles and responsibilities, dates of employment, and reason for separation.
  • Investigating criminal records: Checking into a candidate’s background can be complicated. We will investigate federal, state, and county criminal records, as well as perform an alias name check and Social Security Number trace. We also check a wide range of other data sources, including the national criminal record database, national sex offender registry, civil records, and motor vehicle records.
  • Performing education verification: Our team will verify the education information your candidate provides, including where they went to school, dates of attendance, degrees received, and even their GPA. Even in situations where education verification becomes complicated, we go the extra mile to ensure all possible details are accounted for so that you hire the best talent.

Can I Do My Own Background Check?

In cases where you want only the most basic information on a job candidate, it might make sense to perform your own background check in-house using online resources. That said, we always strongly urge businesses to hire a professional background screening company.

This is partly to ensure that the information you get is complete and accurate and that you use an FCRA compliant background check. Additionally, this gives you access to the resources of experienced background screeners who can help interpret the data and understand how it impacts your hiring process.

The only thing worse than hiring the wrong person is losing a great hire because of an inaccurate, incomplete, or illegal background check.

Learn More about Background Screening

Trust is at the heart of the hiring process, but in a world where 78% of job seekers lie during the hiring process, background screening has become an essential tool to help employers find people who they can trust. Our team understands how important it is that your business makes great hires. Mistakes made during the hiring process can lead to increased hiring costs, fines, and even potential litigation.

Don’t let this be you! Contact the experts at CNet Technologies today to learn more about the importance of FCRA compliant background checks. Whether you’re a small local business, a struggling start-up, or a large national corporation, there are many reasons why background screening is essential.

From pre-employment screening and background checks to drug screening and applicant tracking, we offer the tools and solutions to suit every company’s unique needs.

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