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Why CTrack Is the Best Solution to Keep Your Company Compliant

When screening potential new employees or vendor partners, you need a central place to keep track of everyone–whether you partner with them or not. You also need a secure solution to monitor and protect private data and sensitive documents.

You could use encrypted hard drives or paper files in a locked file cabinet, but with today’s privacy laws and cyber hackers, your better option is a secure technology solution.

That’s where CNet’s CTrack technology saves the day. Our proprietary software technology combines everything you need to securely organize potential, current, and past contractors or employees.

Using CTrack also helps you keep your employees and contractors accountable to your compliance standards within the law.

Sounds pretty good, right? Here’s how CTrack works.

Get Organized

How do you keep up with vendors that are an active partner versus which vendors you no longer use? Where do you file vendors who didn’t make it through your screening process? How do you keep track of employee applications versus current employees?

You could keep a list in a spreadsheet. Or you could use CTrack software and customize it to your business needs.

Keeping paper files or volumes of PDFs and reports in folders on your computer is not secure. Plus, with the potential to lose a computer file with a typo in the name convention, you could lose valuable documentation for a contractor or an employee.

  • Losing information or verification can violate privacy and compliance laws.
  • CTrack stores everything you need for every contractor and each of your employees. Easily sort people you didn’t hire or employees who no longer work for you.
  • Search and find files, check notifications, and process paperwork without sending things over email.

You’ll also save valuable storage space in your file cabinets and on your computers

Track Screening and Verifications

Because CTrack is customizable to your business needs, you won’t have to wade through menus or options you don’t need.

Depending on your type of business, the CNet Technologies team sets up your software package to remind you of the specifics you need for any new employee or vendor.


When working through employee applicant screening, CTrack walks you through everything you need to follow your hiring process.

The software reminds you to check for certifications, employment verifications, references, or driving records. CNet can also program your applicant tracking system to remind you about drug screening for employees.

You’ll use the applicant tracking system to track a contracting company as a whole. You can also track individual contractors within the vendor company. A company can be a fit for you, but they could have an employee that doesn’t meet your qualifications.


When you receive documentation, certifications, or completed screening reports, store it in the applicant tracking system. If you need employees or contractors to sign documents, send secure documents back and forth through the secure system–rather than email or fax.

CTrack lets you know your status in the verification process with each employee or contractor. Never miss a step in your process.

Get Notified

When you use CTrack, you get the C-Net Technologies team working hard for you.

Our investigators keep up with the latest updates or changes to FCRA compliance. When laws change, or you have an employee who needs to renew a certification, the CTrack applicant tracking system alerts you based on notifications that you set.

You’ll also get notices if something or someone falls out of compliance. Receive Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) notices to alert you to potential violations or changes you need to know about.

Get Secure

You don’t need a robust in-house IT department to take advantage of this type of applicant tracking system. CNet Technologies does all of that for you.

CTrack is fully compliant in protecting sensitive employee and contractor information. We store your data with standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

We protect your information with the same technology used by banking and military institutions when you work with us.

Get Out of the Box

Don’t force your business practices into a one-size-fits-all applicant tracking system. When it comes to screening compliance and security, no two companies have the same needs.

CTrack can be customized for just about any need for any business. We have never failed to build the perfect system for a client. CNet designs your CTrack solution to keep your company and employees safe and secure.

The CNet Technology team will connect with you on your industry needs and requirements. We’ll also apply your company’s workflows to the design of your system. Plus, you have our support 24/7 to help you learn the system and answer any questions.

With CTrack, you’ll save time and money on your hiring and screening process. You’ll also have better insight into your contractors. Perform audits and run reports on productivity and compliance to hold employees and vendors accountable.

Are you ready to get organized and feel more secure in your hiring and compliance practices? We’re ready to get started on your customized CTrack applicant tracking system. Contact CNet today to find out about integrating your ATS and how to get started!

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