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Why Background Screening Should Be Customized to the Needs of Your Business

When you start thinking about creating a background check program within your company, you will quickly see how much work it is to do personal verifications and checks yourself.

One of the reasons why CNet Technologies offers so many options for customized background screening services is that we know that the needs of each company are not “one size fits all.” To do what you do—and do it well—you need talent that is unique as your company. To find that talent, you need to screen your potential employees.

Screening needs are different in companies that only have five employees versus those with five thousand. By offering our clients customization, we give you the freedom to select background check services that are as thorough or as simple as you need for the work you do.

Customize by What You Don’t Need

If you know that certain information is irrelevant to your workplace—and could subtly color your evaluation of a personthird-party screening is a wonderful way to do your background checks.

When your HR representative does their own verifications, they may stumble across information—for instance, information found through Google searches—that isn’t relevant to your hiring process. However, it might still change your opinion of the candidate.

Don’t let what you find by accident change your impression of your applicants: Instead, ask your third-party screener to find, for instance, only certain kinds of Google search results—and ignore anything unimportant to the job. This is one form of customization that many employers find helpful in maintaining an equal workplace.

Customize by Size

Smaller companies may have wildly different needs in their hiring processes than larger ones, and you may prefer to leave certain parts of the process “in house” while letting the experts handle significant screening needs.

  • If your company is extensive, consider the fact that performing thorough background checks can help you identify any errors or outright lies in resumes that might not have been noticed by anyone in the hiring process otherwise.
  • At small companies, every single hire has a significant impact on the dynamic of the company, so it only makes sense to know any potential red flags before opting for a particular candidate.

No matter which element of the typical verification and background check process your team needs, we can scale our products for only a few hires a year, up to hundreds or even thousands of hires a year.

Customize by Industry

Some industries have stringent requirements for background checks, such as any industry dealing with secret information, financial institutions, or enterprises working with children. If your business has verifications or legal requirements for who you can and cannot hire, we can help you craft a third-party screening that will acquire and document all the information you need. This means that you don’t have to pay for what you don’t need—but you can have everything that is required by regulations.

These choices can mean real savings for your company since they allow you to save on background checks without risking costly fees and fines that can result from not obeying expected standards. It also keeps you safe from the lawsuits that could arise if you hire someone who is considered an unsuitable candidate for your field.

Customize by Company Culture and Experience

Your company is unique because of how you treat your people and what values you hold dear. You are also unique because of the past employees you’ve had and their relative behaviors in the company. Depending on your company culture or experience, there may be some verifications that you particularly value—or those which are unnecessary.

For example, if you’ve had trouble with employees whose social media profiles contain inappropriate posts that do not reflect well on them, you can have a social media review be part of your background check. This can lead to discussions with your candidates about how they make their choices about what to post online. It’s relevant for current employees, too!

Another example would be the way that some companies make it their mission to help those who have been incarcerated to find their next step after leaving prison. In such companies, a background check could reveal a felony, and that could be a condition of employment rather than a red flag.

Exceed Your Needs with CNet Technologies!

The main goal of thorough, third-party screening is to evaluate whether your top candidate or candidates are the right fit:

  • For the size of your company
  • For your particular industry
  • For your unique needs
  • For your company values.

By creating and updating a background screening program that works for you, you are making the necessary steps to get the most talent for your money—and receive the exact information that helps your hiring decisions.

When you work with CNet Technologies, you gain access to our easy-to-use dashboard to create customized background screening solutions for any size company. Get in touch with us today to put our skills to work for you!

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