Our pre-employment background and drug screening is an excellent way to filter out potential poor hires and protect your current employees, but did you know that photo ID badges can also serve as additional security? CNet’s goal is to help your brand through the entire hiring process, from screening out bad hires to ensuring that hired employees are properly identified.

Providing an official ID badge shows that your employee is a credible and legitimate member of the team. Implementing an ID badge policy will ensure that only real employees are granted entrance into facilities and additional locations, allowing you control over which employees can enter which areas.

When your employees wear your company badge, they also wear your company logo, brand, and reputation. Your badge should reflect quality and professionalism and with CNet’s in-house printing system, you can choose what kind of ID badge most fits your security objectives.

While not every company is in need of ID badges, wearing a badge puts others at ease, especially in hospitals, schools, secure areas, and companies with a large onsite staff. Choosing to order your ID badge with CNet means that:

  • There is no need for upfront costs for badge materials, printers, or production costs.
  • There are no maintenance costs.
  • There is no need to purchase a photo ID software, as this is integrated into our own system.
  • There is no need for a database management.
  • You will receive fast, easy to use, secure, and up to date management reports.
  • You and your employees will feel a sense of security and peace of mind when on the clock.

Schedule a meeting our expert customer care representatives for information on the types of ID badges suitable for your industry. CNet’s ID badge printing is carried out and shipped the next business day.

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