With so many background screening companies available today, what makes CNet so unique? Our proprietary technology, industry leading operational processes, and our unparalleled and documented customer service were specifically developed to help your company organize and optimize its pre-employment program.

What is C-Track?

At the forefront of CNet is our state-of-the-art technology, C-Track. This highly specialized web-based tool is customizable to your unique business interests and requirements and features intelligent reporting, real-time statuses and updates, and instant notifications. The technology behind C-Track allows for users to view requests, receive real-time notifications, and to be alerted of policy changes in industry specific sectors.

Though easy to use and access with any Internet connection, C-Track is fully compliant in protecting sensitive consumer information. All of our data is stored with a standard 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, the same exact technology utilized by military and banking institutions.

How Does C-Track Help Me?

Organization is key to maintaining real-time information flow and assuring quality control. For years companies working with a number of vendors struggled to keep essential documentation accessible yet still secure. Since there was no perfect system to do so, many important document submissions were overlooked and some companies faced heavy fines for failing to comply with Federal and State laws. CNet was developed to remediate this dynamic problem, which in turn, has helped companies worldwide function efficiently and maintain quality control.

C-Track’s benefits are multifaceted. The entire program and the associated interface, structure, and viewing matrixes are fully customizable according to your needs. If your company is in need of a simple background checking tracking program, we can do that. If you deal with hundreds of vendors and require background information plus a contractor management system, we can do that too. Our technology is so versatile and flexible that we have never failed to build the perfect system for a loyal client.

Performing background checks and hiring vendors are both associated with varying compliance laws. For example, the information acquired through background checks can only be used in certain circumstances and not all information is equally available in every state. Vendors working for a company must submit state and industry specific documentation, such as license verifications, proof of insurance, etc. These laws and regulations are regulated at the Federal and State level, so companies working nationwide will run into different documentation requirements accordingly. With such importance placed on these documents, your company needs a system in place to automate the whole process.

C-Track keeps all of your important documents organized while our investigators work full-time to keep up-to-date on changing policies and automatically update any changes to our system, thereby ensuring that your company stays compliant with Federal and State laws.

Getting C-Track started is simple and with the help of our hard working staff, you have the added benefit of professionals available 24/7.

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