CNet Contractor Auditing

Companies worldwide have begun to take vendor compliance more seriously, especially companies in the software industry, where the Business Software Alliance has taken great strides to catch and fine companies for noncompliance.

Ensuring vendor compliance requires a team of expert auditors trusted to investigate a vendor’s compliance and a system capable of organizing and securing data. Our experts conduct routine vendor audits to inspect and verify the compliance of your vendors and contract workers. By staying abreast of your vendor’s contractual commitments, any non-compliance on behalf of a vendor can be immediately identified and remediated.

Our state of the art software C-Track organizes the information provided by our auditors and presents the data on an interface of your choosing. By simply logging in, your hiring staff can view a chart with today’s compliance levels of a particular person, a particular department or of the entire workforce. Implementing a CNet contractor management system helps circumvent a number of disastrous scenarios. For example, it could prevent a driver who has failed to complete an insurance form from driving a vehicle displaying your company brand.

Organized and easily retrievable information received from accurate vendor audits can help your company maintain or improve quality control, ensure customer service satisfaction, and advance your company’s reputation. Dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of individual suppliers used to be complicated, messy, and stressful for all. We simplify the entire process by organizing and automating contractor screening audits to fit your needs perfectly.

C-Track Contractor Management System

C-Track is a tool for companies like yours to eliminate the common management problems of working with contractors. C-Track organizes your vendor compliance into levels and alerts you of any missing data. For companies working with hundreds of contract workers, C-Track serves as a consolidated solution featuring all the details regarding a vendor, recorded and maintained in a single location available to anyone with access to the program.

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